How Much is Christy Gior Worth?

If you’re a fan of YouTube, you may have heard about Christy Gior. Her YouTube channel has over 320,000 subscribers. She posts about her family, her foster children and her adoption journey. But how much is Christy Gior worth?

The 38-year-old social media star has a net worth of $4 million. Christy is the mother of five children, including three daughters and two boys. She and her husband, Ed, fostered nearly 40 children over the years. They met in 2002. They had a daughter, Eliyah, who was adopted at four. During the adoption process, Eliyah’s connection with Christy was important. It helped confirm that she was truly a part of their family.

Several of her foster children have been featured in her YouTube videos, including a young girl named Lily, whose parents are in rehab. Christy vlogs about life with her family and introduces her girls to the audience. Among her most popular videos are a routine to wash a child’s hair, which includes styling it with a type 4 shampoo. Another is a video that highlights her daughter’s natural hair.

Christy Gior has five children, and she says she’s always been a “foster parent” for at least one of them. However, she doesn’t divulge specific details about the children she has cared for. While it’s rare to find out which of her children have been adopted, she does share a few pictures of the kids she’s cared for.

One of her most recent videos is a viral hit. In it, Christy styles her daughter’s hair with a type 4 shampoo. The video has been watched more than a million times, and it has racked up more than 250,000 subscribers. Not much is known about her life beyond the videos, but we can take some guesses based on her YouTube star status. Whether you love her for her work as a social media star or as a foster parent, you should definitely check out her YouTube channel!