How Much is Edwin Sarkissian Worth?

The internet is full of information about a variety of subjects, but what about one of its most popular content creators, the YouTube sensation and entrepreneur known as Edwin Sarkissian? He has built a massive YouTube channel with more than a thousand videos and over a million subscribers. And, he manages to make money from it, albeit in a nebulous manner. Aside from his videos, Sarkissian runs a variety of businesses, most notably a hotel franchise in Denver and a second in Modesto, California.

Sarkissian first became involved in the video game world in the mid nineties, playing around with a few titles and even making a few slick plays of his own. But the real reason for his popularity was his YouTube channel, which has garnered over a million subscribers and millions in advertising revenue. It was in this niche that he found his true calling and made his name. In the process, he became a well-known face, a gizmo aficionado and a bona fide prankster. One of his most notable innovations is the use of a helicopter to get him to his video shoots. His social media prowess also reaches beyond the channel as he regularly posts witty comments and humorous pictures on Twitter and Facebook.

While there is no definitive proof of his net worth, the most conservative estimates estimate him to be a multimillionaire. His philanthropic efforts have included donating funds to causes of his choosing, including the construction of a free bike for children. He has also logged plenty of time on the road, and is the proud owner of a fire truck license. However, the best news is that he is happily married to his longtime love and business partner, Taras Kulakov. Their partnership has been an inspiration to countless other celebrities, and they have a long-standing friendship that goes back to their early days in Iran.

While the YouTube video content is the lion’s share of his time and energy, Sarkissian is also an avid reader, a devoted traveler, and a savvy internet marketer. From YouTube to Twitter, the entrepreneur has built a network of friends and contacts that he calls his second family, and he values each and every one of them. This is especially true of his wife, whom he has been in a long-term relationship with for more than a decade.

With a hat tip to his YouTube channel and a few of his other forays into business, Sarkissian has proven that the internet can be a goldmine, and that there is no limit to the number of ways to generate revenue. Using the right tactics, he can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising revenue and brand partnerships.