How Much is Ethan Yau Worth?

Ethan ‘Rampage’ Yau is an American poker player who is known for posting regular poker vlogs on his YouTube channel. He has over one hundred thousand subscribers and his most popular video, “A $5,000 SUN RUN SESSION!”, has over five hundred thousand views.

When he first started playing online and live No Limit Hold’em cash games, Yau did not have much of an understanding of the game. However, he did take in some tips from the comments made by other players on his videos. It was from these comments that he learned the best way to play.

In April, Yau made it to heads-up in a significant tournament. His success helped him earn back much of the money he lost in several events over the past week. After that, he went on to cash in an online WSOP event, winning a gold bracelet in the process. This was a huge accomplishment for a 22-year-old.

In July, Yau’s channel went viral. He gained eight thousand subscribers in the month and his videos received a total of over a million views. Although his videos are mainly about cash games, he did appear on a few live-streamed cash game shows.

On Friday, he competed in Hustler Casino Live, a huge live-streamed show that draws a large audience. His loss in the show came in front of a live audience that has the potential to earn him over a thousand dollars per viewer. As a result of his losses in the show, some of his followers criticized him for taking shots at high stakes. Others claimed that he was violating financial laws by using his online presence to promote an illegal online poker network.

On Wednesday night, he got some of his money back. Later in the evening, he earned $50,000. But, he still lost $93,000. Earlier in the day, he earned $48,500. And, on Sunday, he made back nearly two thirds of the money he lost.

Since then, Yau has won a couple more World Series of Poker events. He won a $500 NLHE-Grande Finale online event last year and finished 12th in a $1,100 NLHE event at the Wynn Fall Classic. Throughout the year, he has also appeared on a number of smaller live-streamed cash game shows.

He was inspired to start a vlog after watching Brad Owen, Andrew Neeme, and other popular poker vloggers. He also saw how some of the biggest names in the game were able to make money off of their videos. So, when he decided to start his own channel, he knew he wanted to feature live No Limit Hold’em cash games.

One of the biggest challenges he faced in his early years of playing was the risk involved in playing in online events. He also was not able to keep his bankroll in the right balance, which led to his first losses.

For a while, he only played in live No Limit Hold’em cash games. These games are a huge focus of his career.