How Much Is Guy Nohra Worth?

If you were to ask the question “How much is Guy Nohra worth?” you’d probably get the same response as you would if you were to ask “What is Guy Nohra doing right now?” He is one of the more well-known and popular members of the Reno, Nevada community. Currently, he is running for the state governorship of the Silver State. His net worth is estimated to be a little over a billion dollars.

During his long and illustrious career, he has managed to assemble investments worth a half billion bucks or so. He has invested in some of the most innovative and cutting edge medical technology companies. He has started or co-founded 180 companies, including companies devoted to the treatment of heart failure and cancer cures. One of his most recent ventures is a company aimed at helping people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Aside from his many investments, Nohra also holds an MBA from the University of Chicago and has been the CEO of ZS Pharma, Inc., prior to its acquisition by Astra Zeneca. In addition, Nohra has been involved in several high profile life science companies, including Bioventus, LLC, and Spirulina, Inc. This is a feat for which he is certainly not short of accolades.

Several of his other accomplishments include co-founding Alta Partners, a healthcare investment firm. Alta has been involved in the funding of over 150 life sciences companies since 1996. The other notable fact is that he was named one of the world’s leading venture capitalists in 2007 by Forbes Magazine. There are several other notable achievements of Nohra’s ilk, including his stint as president of the Leukemia, Lymphoma Society of Silicon Valley. Other noteworthy achievements include his role as a board member of the Stanford Athletic Board.

One of the most glaring omissions in the Nohra bio is his wife’s name. While the namesake has a Facebook page and Twitter account, no public mention is made of the woman whose life Nohra has been devoted to. However, a spokesman for the candidate said that he intends to reveal his family lineage in the near future.

Notably, the guy has kept his family a secret from the prying eyes of the media. He is one of five candidates in the gubernatorial race, and according to his spokesman, will have the requisite finance disclosures with the state in January. So, if you’re looking for the best way to spend your hard earned tax dollars, you might want to consider the triumvirate of Nohra, Joey Gilbert and Dean Heller. You can vote for the candidate of your choice in the upcoming general election.