How Much is Jason McOmber’s Net Worth?

Beardaments is a Christmas-themed business that sells holiday ornaments for men’s beards. Beardaments was created by Jason McOmber. It has gained popularity on social media and received positive reviews from its customers. The business also has a presence on the internet, selling its products on Amazon.

The company began in 2015 with a business plan that Jason McOmber devised. He wanted to create a line of Christmas ornaments for beards. However, he needed a little more cash to start his company. Luckily, he was invited to pitch his idea on Shark Tank. On the episode, he presented his business and received positive feedback from the sharks.

Since then, Beardaments has grown rapidly. In fact, it’s now projected to close the year with $700,000 in sales. This is a tremendous accomplishment for a one-man operation, and it’s an amazing testament to the viral appeal of Beardaments. Many have praised the product for its ability to bring joy to others.

The founder of Beardaments, Jason McOmber, is a Utah native who has worked in the entertainment and technology industries. Before founding Beardaments, he was a sales director for DIRECTV/AT&T dealers in the United States. He has a long history of digital marketing and SEO. His net worth is estimated at $1 million.

As Beardaments grows, Jason is able to hire sales and marketing staff to support his efforts. Currently, he is the senior director of sales for the business. He has a bachelor’s degree from Weber State University in technical sales. With his skills, he has driven free traffic to his company’s website.

Kevin O’Leary saw Beardaments on Shark Tank, and offered a deal. O’Leary gave the company a $150,000 investment for 25% equity. Although he didn’t offer a guarantee of future success, he did think that the business would be successful. O’Leary was impressed by the growing business.

Another shark who saw the potential in Beardaments was Mark Cuban. Cuban’s initial reaction was not to invest in the company. But after doing some research, he realized that Jason was a very talented guy. Not only was he an excellent salesman, but he had an innovative idea. Rather than just a simple product, Beardaments is a business that he believes can become a major force in the industry.

Beardaments offers a variety of beard-related items, including beard glitter kits, beard oil, shirts, and lights that can be fashioned into beards. Customers can purchase Beardaments on Amazon. And the company has a social media presence with more than 200 million views on its YouTube channel.

Beardaments is still growing, and continues to attract positive attention from its customers. Its products are now available for purchase on Amazon, in stores, and directly from the Beardaments website. There are three collections of ornaments, and Beardaments has plans to expand in the future. Currently, the company has more than 100,000 beards decorated.

Beardaments has seen significant growth over the past few years, and it continues to increase its revenue each year. It is predicted that the company will reach a net worth of $2 million by 2023.