How Much is Tay Zonday Worth?

Tay Zonday is a singer, voice actor, comedian and performer. Born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, he is the youngest of three siblings. His parents are teachers. They gave him a piano and sent him to a voice training program. But he didn’t use his stage name until after college.

He became a nationally known musician and entertainer when he released a viral hit song, “Chocolate Rain,” in 2007. It was covered by Green Day’s Tre Cool, and the video went on to reach 88 million views. In a whirlwind of popularity, Tay was featured on many television shows and made the front page of the Los Angeles Times. Since then, his net worth has increased dramatically.

Aside from a successful career as a performer and recording artist, Tay has also gained fame for his work as a YouTube star. He has racked up more than a hundred million YouTube views and has a slew of music videos to his name. The video for his cover of Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?” has more than 16 million views. Besides his YouTube videos, Tay also has an active social media presence. One of his official websites is linked below.

Aside from singing, Tay has worked as a comedian, voice actor and announcer. He has appeared on many television shows, including Jimmy Kimmel Live, Good Morning America and Comedy Central’s Night of Too Many Stars autism charity event. Also, he has been involved in numerous movies and television series. Some of his other projects include a fashion line called Tay Zonday Seduction, a perfume named With Love from Tay and a vodka, Pure Wonderzonday.

When he was a teenager, Zonday was suffering from anxiety and agoraphobia. During his high school years, he took part in a teen talent show. At age 18, he was invited to a national TV show where he performed his song. After the show, he was noticed and interviewed by CNN.

Despite suffering from a difficult childhood, Tay Zonday has used his signature deep baritone voice to make a successful career. Aside from appearing on several television shows, he has also given a TEDx talk. Among his earliest performances were at the Balls Cabaret in Minneapolis. Eventually, he began performing at open mic nights.

Tay Zonday was born on July 6, 1982, in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He is from half African American and half Caucasian descent. Although his family had a relatively stable life, his parents did not want him to be exposed to the influences of pop music. To keep him from being influenced, they enrolled him in a voice training program and he received a piano.

He later studied history of theater at the University of Minnesota and was accepted into the American studies PhD program. Upon graduation, he moved to Los Angeles to study and perform in the entertainment industry. While working in the industry, he studied social change and started taking feedback online. Eventually, he uploaded a number of videos, including “Mama Economy: The Economic Explained” and “Chocolate Rain: The Video.”

In 2007, Tay Zonday’s song “Chocolate Rain” was a big hit. Several artists covered the song, including John Mayer, Green Day and Tre Cool. Later, the song was turned into a movie.