How Much is the Brush Hero Net Worth?

The Brush Hero is a water-powered detail brush. Its spin-able head allows it to clean anything from wheels to rims to outdoor furniture and pools. It’s also a socially responsible company that donates a portion of its profits to charity. In January 2018, it was introduced to the sharks of Shark Tank. As a result, its sales skyrocketed 500-fold, according to a review of the show’s data.

Brush Hero was created by a group of car buffs in 2015, but the idea was first floated on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank in 2018. According to its inventors, Brush Hero has already sold over $1.5 million in products and has garnered a yearly revenue of over $5 million. While the product is not available yet in stores, it’s a popular choice among car enthusiasts.

Inventors Kevin Williams and Glenn Archer have a few tricks up their sleeve, including a water-powered hose attachment that can clean cars, motorcycles, and other outdoor equipment. They’ve also worked out deals with companies like Costco and Canadian Tire. But before they could get their hands on millions of dollars, they had to face one of the world’s biggest retailers.

The Brush Hero’s biggest selling point is that it uses about half the amount of water that you would normally use when cleaning your car with a conventional garden hose. This makes it a worthy substitute for wheel woolies, which often leave the wheel looking grimy. Plus, it doesn’t displace or damage any valuable surfaces.

Aside from its scrubbing capabilities, Brush Hero also offers a nifty multi-function cleaning tool. Not only can it remove road dust, grime, and grease from wheels and rims, it can also be used to clean patio furniture and bathrooms. And unlike a typical scrubber, the Brush Hero will not break down when exposed to cleaning chemicals.

Aside from the actual cleaning performance, Brush Hero’s most impressive feat is its cost-effective manufacturing process. Since it’s made from robust plastic components, it can stand up to even the most demanding cleaning jobs. For example, the company has worked out deals with Columbus Professional Services and Canadian Tire, and it was the first automotive detailing tool to receive a spot in the Walmart garage.

The Brush Hero also wowed the sharks on Shark Tank. The Sharks were impressed with the product’s scrubbing capabilities and enthused about its eco-friendly design. At the same time, they were concerned about the fakes. Thankfully, the inventors figured out a way to avoid the problem. One solution was to invest in the aforementioned swank-worthy aforementioned-m-omen, and Brush Hero was off to a great start.

However, the company’s product was soon falling short of the hype. Its cheap-looking counterfeits began flooding the Amazon shelves in a matter of weeks. Fortunately, the inventors were able to resolve the counterfeit problem in time for the holidays. Now, there are multiple sets on the market, ranging from the basic to the lavish. Some are adorned with a bottle of strong soap.