How Much is Trey Burchfield Worth?

Trey Burchfield is the cornhole world champion and one of the best ACL (Athletic Collegiate League) players in the country. He also happens to be the youngest player to win a world championship in cornhole. This is no mean feat, as his prize pool was a cool million dollars. In addition to his cornhole prowess, Trey is an aspiring athlete and is currently enrolled in the University of Tennessee. While attending college, he is playing professionally in the ACL league.

As an ACL competitor, he has won numerous titles, such as a world championship in cornball and doubles. Considering his age, it’s not surprising that he’s already a two time World Corn Hole Champion. However, he’s hardly the only winner in the world of corn hole.

Not only does he play cornhole, he is also a talented football player. He is a sophomore at the University of Tennessee. His goal is to one day play in the NFL. During his high school career, he was a star player on the football team. At the same time, he also played in a variety of tournaments. For his efforts, he earned a scholarship to UT.

Although he hasn’t revealed his exact date of birth, Trey has hinted that he was born in mid-2003. He hasn’t said anything about his parents. However, his younger sister, Taylor, is also a football fanatic, and has become a regular on the UT campus. She is a member of the student body and has a good head on her shoulders. The young athlete’s brother, Troy, was a former high school coach.

Besides his professional career, Trey has also enjoyed a colorful and varied social life. He’s a fan of Instagram and has racked up some shirtless selfies over the years. Likewise, he has hosted a couple of cornhole tournaments for friends in Los Angeles. He’s also been seen on television and in magazines, including Forbes, Sports Illustrated, and Time.

As a cornhole aficionado, he has also hosted top pros in the league. Some of his guests included tech advisor Odie Gallop, and costar David Lim. Other noteworthy mentions include a cornhole-themed video game show called S.W.A.T., and an appearance on the popular TV series, Xfinity Arena.

As of this writing, the Trey Burchfield net worth hasn’t been pinned down. However, with a career spanning fifteen years in cornhole and a rumored salary of upwards of $5,000 a year, it’s not difficult to imagine that he’s a millionaire by the time he graduates. Luckily for him, his profession affords him a decent amount of time for a hobby, and he’s made the most of it.

Of course, as with most sports, a big part of any sportsman’s success is his dedication to improving his game. That’s why, despite his impressive list of accomplishments, he still plays with a humble attitude. Whether or not he can make it to the next level in the NFL, he’s definitely an example to others.