How Much is Voyage Air Guitar Net Worth?

Voyage Air Guitar is a guitar company that produces folding guitars, with a unique hinge mechanism and foldable neck-hinge system. The folding features make it easy to carry around, allowing it to be folded into a portable shape. It’s ideal for players who travel often, and it can be easily transported in a suitcase. It comes in several models, with a price range from $499 to $1999. There is a lifetime warranty on each instrument.

Jeff and Josh Cohen are the founders of Voyage Air Guitar, and have been building the business since 2009. The company has been able to sell over 800 units, with a total sales value of $400,000. However, the business is cash-flow negative. Jeff Cohen says he needs to raise capital to grow his company, and he wants to build an inventory of guitars. Eventually, he hopes to license his patents to other guitar manufacturers, but he first needs to prove that the market for his product is there.

After the Shark Tank episode, Voyage Air Guitar continued to build a thriving business. It is now available at retail outlets throughout the United States, as well as in some countries overseas. The company has also entered into a licensing agreement with Fender, the world’s largest guitar manufacturer. In return, Voyage Air Guitar will be working with the guitar company to develop portable Fender guitars.

The founders of Voyage Air Guitar were initially offered a $500k deal from Kevin O’Leary, but they rejected the offer. This would have given them 51% of the company. They were worried that the deal was too complicated for the Sharks to air on television.

Michael O’Leary made a similar offer. He said that he would give them $500,000 for a five-percent stake in the company. The sharks were surprised at this, especially considering how they were willing to give a large amount of money to an inventor for his invention. Ultimately, however, O’Leary and Cohen agreed to settle on a deal during Season 4.

Before the Shark Tank season, Jeff and Josh had sold 400 guitars for a total of $400,000. Jeff told the sharks that his company was not making a profit and needed financing. On top of that, he wanted to have some equity in the company to boost its stock.

Jeffrey Cohen’s idea was to create high-quality, portable guitars. He started Voyage Air Guitar with his son Josh, a guitarist. They had a vision of a guitar that could be folded into a travel bag, and they worked hard to get the company off the ground. As of August 2019, Voyage Air Guitar had become the top-selling electric guitar in the world.

The company has received a lot of positive feedback and has become profitable. Voyage Air Guitar has had a number of corporate partnerships, including a licensing agreement with Fender, which helped boost its sales. It has expanded its line of products to include an electric prototype.