Huel Perkins Net Worth

Huel Perkins is an award-winning American television reporter. He is the host of the television program “Let It Rip!” which airs on Fox 2 News Detroit at 10:30 PM every Thursday. The show has been awarded two Emmy Awards for its coverage.

Perkins has worked for a variety of channels, including NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX before he joined the Fox 2 news team. While at the station, he covered almost all major political conventions. His success in broadcast journalism has helped him earn a substantial amount of money. As of the present, his net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million.

Despite his successful career as a broadcast journalist, Huel has not yet shared his exact income. However, he has stated that he receives an average salary of $62,506. According to his social media accounts, he also earns a monthly bonus. Considering that he has a very successful career, his total income is expected to increase in the years to come.

Currently, Huel has two grown-up sons. One is twenty-seven, Jared, and the other is twenty-three, Vincent. They both have a passion for the media industry. Both of their fathers are retired educators. Their mother, Priscilla, is a chief development officer of the Lighthouse of Oakland County.

Before joining the Fox 2 news team, Huel Perkins was a reporter at WJBK in Detroit. During his time at the station, he worked with renowned gold player Rich Fisher, as well as some of the best photographers and producers in the world. Some of the highlights of his time at the station include his appearance on the Pope’s visit to the United States and his attendance at several major political conventions.

Huel’s love for his city of Detroit is evident. The news anchor firmly believes that the city has a lot to offer. On a recent trip to the area, Huel visited the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day celebration in Westland. Moreover, he had the chance to speak at the Westland event in honor of the late president.

Huel Perkins has a unique southern accent. As of the present, he has a social media account with 38k followers. Although he has not yet revealed his personal details, he has shared a few tweets about politics. In addition to his Twitter and Facebook profiles, he has one thousand followers on Instagram.

Although there is no information about the exact date of birth, Huel has reportedly married Priscilla Perkins. He has been married to her for a long time, but they have not shared the name of their children. Despite his success in the field of journalism, he still wishes to pursue his passion for broadcasting.

Considering that he is in good health, it is a safe bet that Huel will continue to pursue his career. When he was young, he studied law. Eventually, he decided to become a lawyer. But his journey took a different route. Instead of becoming a lawyer, he became a news anchor.