Hugh Beaumont Net Worth

Hugh Beaumont is a well-known actor and writer in the United States. He has appeared in many films and TV series. During his career, Hugh Beaumont earned a lot of money. His net worth is estimated at about $1.5 million. Besides acting, he also acted as a director and wrote screenplays. Upon his death, he left a very large amount of his assets in his family.

Hugh Beaumont was born on February 16, 1909. At the time of his death, he was 73 years old. Despite his age, he had a very long and successful career as an actor. He has worked on dozens of films and TV shows.

He began his career as a television director and actor in the 1950s. His first appearance was on the television show, The Silver Theatre. After this, he played roles in several other television shows. From there, he branched out into supporting roles. Some of his most notable film and TV appearances include South of Panama (1941), Hopalong Cassidy (1998), and The Bigelow Theatre. In addition, he also wrote radio scripts.

Hugh Beaumont married Kathryn Adams. They had three children. However, their marriage didn’t last long. Their relationship ended in 1974. Nonetheless, they remained friends throughout their lives.

Despite the fact that Hugh Beaumont was a famous actor, he also worked as a lay minister in the Methodist church. As a child, he traveled with his parents. Later, he went to college and studied at the University of Southern California. While at college, he played football. Afterwards, he became a Christmas tree farmer in Minnesota. Before his death, Hugh Beaumont estimated his net worth to be between $1 and $5 million.

As a film and TV actor, Hugh Beaumont has played the role of a private detective in low-budget movies. He was successful in this field, as he appeared in over 85 movies. Throughout his career, he has received several awards for his contributions.

Beaumont is best known for playing Ward Cleaver on the television show, Leave It to Beaver. He has also starred in several films, such as The Human Duplicators, Dangerous Assignment, Wake Island, West’s Night Passage, and Hell’s Horizon. Aside from his movie and television work, Beaumont has also written numerous screenplays and short stories. Several of these works were sold to magazines and television shows.

He has a very tall physique and stands at about 1.83 meters. Sadly, he died from a heart attack in 1982. When his body was cremated, his ashes were scattered on Lake Wabana, a family-owned island in Minnesota. Among his surviving family members, his daughter is still alive. Fortunately, his son, Mark, has survived.

Although he retired from acting in 1972, Hugh Beaumont continued to work as a lay minister on the weekends. In fact, he wrote several episodes of Wells Fargo. By the time of his death, he had accumulated about 5 million dollars in assets.

With an outstanding acting ability, Hugh Beaumont has had a very successful career in the film and television industries. Moreover, he was very popular on social media.