Huntz Hall Net Worth

Huntz Hall is a New York City native born on August 15, 1920. He was a professional actor who made his mark playing quirky sidekicks in a number of movies and television shows. His best known role was that of Horace DeBussy “Sach” Jones in 48 Bowery Boys films.

Hall’s career also included roles on Broadway and the radio. In the mid-twenties, he was performing on radio stations and he began performing on the stage in a one man show called Thunder on the Left. A little later, he appeared in an experimental television broadcast titled ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’. The show won an award for its’most original story’ and was credited as one of the earliest examples of a televised drama.

When the popular TV show, The Bowery Boys, premiered in the 1940s, the actor was an immediate star. Leo Gorcey, who played the series’ ringleader, grew up in the Bronx, NY. As a young man, he attended Stuyvesant High School and the Professional Children’s School. After two years, he dropped out of school to pursue an acting career. While he did manage to make a decent living, he was also arrested and put on probation in 1954. Several years later, he paid a $50 fine after being convicted of assaulting a building manager.

Huntz Hall is not likely to be spotted wearing a bowtie or a tie. However, he did wear a Black NL National League umpire’s cap during television interviews. If you were to ask him if he was a fan of Major League Baseball, the answer would be an unequivocal yes.

Although he did not make as much money as other celebrities, Huntz Hall was a successful movie and television actor. He was a cast member on numerous movies including Return of Doctor X (1939) and Herbie Rides Again (1974). Also, he had a long and successful radio career. This led to a role in the James Cagney film, Angels with Dirty Faces (1938), a feat in which he played a gangster named Crab.

Other notable credits include his work in the TV show Madge. There, he had the pleasure of being 2 to the left of Bob Dylan. And, he was also a fervent baseball fan. One of the things that made Huntz Hall a star was his machine gun impersonation.

Huntz Hall’s net worth has not been officially estimated, but according to sources, he has a fortune. Some estimates have him earning $17 million. Yeezy sneakers could have contributed to this figure. He has an official website and social media accounts. But, the star does not reveal his marital status or anything else about his private life. So, if you were curious, you may want to check his obituary for a glimpse of his life and times.

Overall, Huntz Hall was a very successful Movie Actor who was worth his weight in gold. During his career, he appeared in some 80 movies, including Gentle Giant and The Manchu Eagle Murder Caper Mystery.