Ian Schinelli Net Worth

Ian Schinelli is a famous fitness trainer in America. He is also a former Navy SEAL, who served for 10 years in the United States military. His net worth is estimated to be between $1 and 2 million in 2022. However, his exact income and salary are not disclosed.

Born on 14 December 1985, Ian Schinelli is of American and Irish ancestry. In 2004, he graduated from Naperville Central High School. Later, he attended a private university in the U.S. for his graduate education. Currently, he works as a CIO at TTX. Aside from his profession, he is also a single father.

He is of Christian religion. However, he has not disclosed much about his birth, upbringing, parents, and other details. There is a Wikipedia page about him. But, he hasn’t shared information about his siblings and family.

In his day-to-day existence, he is a man who is very passionate and trusts his friends and family. As a father, he plays a very crucial role in the upbringing of his daughter. On the other hand, he is a social media personality and promotes different products on Instagram and other social networks.

After his divorce, he gained custody of his young daughter. In addition to that, he is also a fitness trainer and a portfolio manager. Moreover, he is an entertainer and a singer. Nevertheless, his relationship with Jana Rae Kramer was not revealed publicly until January this year. It seems that he had a love affair with the country singer. The two started dating in October 2021. They met through mutual friend.

For a long time, the two kept their relationship in the background. However, in January this year, the two officially announced their relationship on Instagram. They had been together for two years before this. Earlier, they were only spotted together once or twice. At first, they hung out at a birthday party for one of the One Tree Hill alums.

After that, they had a quiet affair. However, they were later invited by Andrew East to a party for his 38th birthday. Afterward, the two got close and started to date. When their relationship progressed, they decided to keep the relationship low-key until January.

Before his relationship with Jana Rae Kramer, he had a relationship with a woman who was the mother of his child. While he was still serving in the US Navy, he had a two-year romance with her. However, she was a manipulative, toxic woman, who tried to steal his affection.

According to rumors, he cheated with a number of girls. Even Gleb Savchenko, a former contestant in DWTS, is said to have slept with Ian. Though the relationship did not last for long, it was a good experience for both of them.

Considering his past, he has no doubt earned a great deal of money from his profession. Besides that, he also has a lot of luxury items. Among them, he has an amazing car.