Ice Beanie Net Worth

Ice Beanie is a revolutionary device that provides natural and drug-free relief for migraines, headaches, and other ailments. The device is lightweight and adjustable. It features a gel pack that provides acupressure to the wearer. This beanie has received positive reviews from users and is available on Etsy and Amazon.

Nic Lamb is the founder of IceBeanie, and he has a net worth of about $1 million. He is also a competitive big wave surfer. He started competing at age five, and by age 14, he was the youngest Mavericks surfer in the world. In 2016, he won the title of Mavericks Champion. During that time, he suffered from a major head concussion. After the accident, he kept having headaches and migraines. At that point, he decided to develop a product that could help him.

Nic had an idea for a beanie that could provide a solution to the problem. He combined compression and ice packs, resulting in a beanie that was able to soothe his headaches.

He was able to secure a $50,000 investment from Mark Cuban, who offered a 25% share of his company. He accepted this offer.

As a result of this deal, IceBeanie sold about half a million dollars in a few years. Nic believes that it is only a matter of time before the Ice Beanie becomes a popular product. To this end, he plans to expand the product into other markets. For example, he has already secured a deal with actress Geena Davis.

Since launching, the IceBeanie has sold more than 2,500 units. It has an average of four and a half stars on Amazon, and has been featured on ESPN and other outlets. Several athletes have bought the product for use after a workout, to reduce inflammation.

IceBeanie has a modest following on social media. It currently has about 2,067 followers on Instagram. However, its Facebook page has over 1,000 likes. Although the product is not widely promoted on Twitter, it has garnered a handful of mentions.

It also has a four and a half star rating on Amazon, and continues to receive positive reviews. One user described the Ice Beanie as “the best product I have ever purchased” and noted that the IceBeanie was a good buy for its price. Aside from easing the pain and anxiety associated with ailments, the IceBeanie is also a good way to get a little more exercise.

On the other hand, the IceBeanie’s newest feature is a velcro belt that is designed to allow the beanie to conform to the wearer’s head. These features help the IceBeanie to provide full head coverage.

Overall, the Ice Beanie has helped Nic fight headaches and other ailments. He claims that the beanie can provide natural relief for migraines, and even helps athletes recover from concussions and other injuries. His invention has a global utility and is well worth its price. But, do not expect to find the IceBeanie in your local Walmart anytime soon.