InchBug Net Worth 2021

Founded in 2005 by a former Air Force pilot, the InchBug of San Antonio has amassed some ten million dollars in annual revenues and a slew of aficionados. The most notable accomplishment is the creation of the InchBug brand which is the brainchild of founder and CEO Brenda Lee Feldman. Known to some as the effervescent effervescent lady, she is a doting mother of three. She is the most visible member of the effervescent dynasty, as she is often spotted in the flesh. Despite the challenges of her post-collegiate life, she is a woman of unimpeachable charm. One of her aforementioned achievements is inventing the patented stretch-and-release branded baby band. A worthy follow up is the creation of the baby name tag – a no-fuss proposition. As a result, the aforementioned dynasty can look forward to a happy and healthy future. Likewise, fans of the company have a lot to look forward to. Not only is her a jack of all trades, but her dedication to her wares is unrivaled. This zealous nature has been rewarded with the title of Senior Vice President of InchBug and is an asset to be reckoned with.