Irene Bronner Net Worth

Irene Bronner was a loving mother, wife, great grandmother, and a member of several organizations. She served as president of the Saginaw Valley Zone Walther League and on the board of directors of the Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland. During her lifetime, she remained a member of her church, St. Lorenz Lutheran Church in Frankenmuth, MI. In addition, she was a part of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary Guild and the mixed choir.

Throughout her life, Irene Bronner helped develop Bronner’s CHRISTmas wonderland into a large operation. Known as the “World’s Largest Christmas Store,” Bronner’s is an enduring attraction to families from across the country. A popular location for holiday festivities, Bronner’s offers customized stockings, custom-decorated wreaths, and more. The store also offers a Sympathy Shop, a place where guests can plant a tree.

Before becoming involved in Bronner’s, Irene Bronner was an educator in the Frankenmuth public schools and Buena Vista, MI. She was also a member of the mixed choir for more than 40 years. For thirty-four years, she was a pianist for monthly sing-alongs at the Lutheran Home in Frankenmuth. Her daughter, Miriam, and grandson, Roland, are also surviving.

Born in Hemlock, MI, Irene Pretzer married Wallace “Wally” Bronner on June 23, 1951. They were the parents of four children. Their son Wayne is the current owner of Bronner’s. Wally Bronner died April 1, 2008, a little over fourteen years before Irene.

Bronner’s CHRISTmas store began with Wally’s sign-painting business in 1945. He saw a broader need for commercial decorations and began to expand the company. Soon after, the store moved to its first permanent commercial building in Frankenmuth. By 1977, the store had outgrown three buildings and had moved to a 45-acre tract of land. Today, it is one of the most visited landmarks in Michigan.

As a wife and mother, Irene Bronner was deeply committed to her growing family. She was especially active with her nieces and nephews. She also fostered the young members of her family. Irene was also a dedicated member of the Lutheran Ladies’ Minister Organization, a member of the St. Lorenz Evangelism team, and a former president of the Lutheran Women’s Missionary guild.

In addition to her children and grandchildren, Irene Bronner was a step-grandmother to her four step-children. Among her survivors are her siblings, including her sister Miriam, and her nieces and nephews. Also surviving are her step-great-grandchildren.

According to her obituary, Irene was “an ardent and loving wife, devoted mother, and caring grandmother. She was also a devoted member of the Lutheran Church, as well as a devoted member of the family altruistic establishment, the Wallace Bronner Family Charitable Foundation.” Despite her age, she is expected to be cremated at 11 a.m. on Saturday, October 16. If you would like to make a memorial, memorials may be made to St. Lorenz Music Ministry or the St. Lorenz Media Ministry.

Since the late 1980s, the Wallace and Irene Bronner Family Charitable Foundation has awarded grants to a variety of charitable and non-profit organizations in the Saginaw County area. It is primarily funded by unrestricted grants.