Isaiah Saldivar Net Worth

Isaiah Saldivar is a man of God who travels around the world spreading the message of revival. During his time in ministry, he has ministered to almost a thousand churches and has spoken at a variety of conferences and seminars. His ministry has been able to reach an average of 6 to 8 million people a week. With this amount of exposure, it is no surprise that he is able to make a decent income. He has a net worth of $2 million.

In his YouTube channel, he shares his sermons with viewers. This helps him earn money from advertisements that are placed in his videos. Currently, he has over 326k subscribers, and has received over 30 million views. Among the many ways that he gets money is from donations. Currently, he has 41 employees. Isaiah is also a member of Lifesong Church in Stockton.

Having said that, he has learned how to take advantage of the public and how to get others to give him money. At first, he did not understand how his words could influence other people. However, now he is aware that his words have a direct effect on people. After hearing a message from a church, he started to pray for people and he eventually was able to cast out demons. As he did, he felt the presence of God. Since that time, he has been praying for others and sharing the gospel.

During his childhood, he never thought of pursuing a career in the religious field. Rather, he wanted to become a police officer. When he reached college, he decided to major in law enforcement. But then, he got frustrated with his studies. It was then that he sought advice from his uncle Ben Lucero (Nino). The uncle reassured him that he was being led by God. Afterwards, he began to attend a church in Modesto, Ca. That is when he found out how his life changed.

Eventually, he went to the same church and he was able to meet the God of the Bible. However, he was not able to comprehend the true meaning of his relationship with him. Until his conversion, he had given up on the God of the Bible. Consequently, he became more empty and he began to think about suicide. By the time he was saved, he had tried suicide several times.

During his youth, he was raised in a Christian family and he never really knew how to live a spiritual life. But when he was a teenager, he went to a church in Modesto, Ca. During the service, he prayed and asked God to save him. Afterwards, he was told that he needed to preach the gospel throughout the world.

Isaiah Saldivar has been married to Lys Saldivar since September 2012. They have four daughters together. Besides his YouTube channel, he has a weekly podcast called “Revival Lifestyle” that talks about the call of living every day in revival.