Issa Asad Net Worth

Issa Asad is an American businessman and entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Q Link Wireless, LLC. The company provides free cell phones to low-income Americans. It also provides free unlimited text messaging and data services. Q Link was founded by Asad in 2011 and has two million subscribers. Besides providing free services, Q Link offers a variety of other services, including the Lifeline assistance program.

In addition to his involvement in Q Link, Asad is a social media expert and author. He has written several books on marketing. Also, he is known for his advice for entrepreneurs who are struggling to get their businesses off the ground.

Although he is considered a successful businessman, Asad does not disclose much about his background. However, it is believed that he was born in Dearborn, Michigan, and migrated to South Florida when he was 15. At age 15, he was admitted to Boys’ High School in Miami and later graduated from the University of Miami. He subsequently earned a bachelor’s degree in medicine and business.

Since 1996, Asad has been in the telecom industry. His first company was a business that offered prepaid phone cards at gas stations and convenience stores. After that, he joined i-Prepay, Inc. where he developed a PIN electronic delivery system for prepaid products. By the time he left that company, he had built up a multi-hundred-million-dollar industry.

One of the reasons for his success is the fact that he has a natural business intuition. When he decided to enter the telecommunications industry, he was determined to go where no one else was. Instead of working in a conventional way, he sought to create a company that was innovative, and used the latest technology. He was able to build a company that provided cellphones to Texas residents after Hurricane Harvey. Today, he has over 2 million customers across 30 states. Most of those are people who live in less-populated areas of America.

Although Asad has a relatively high net worth, his well-being is largely dependent on the success of his enterprises. Asad’s largest source of income is from his company, Q Link Wireless, LLC. The company has two hundred and forty-six salaried employees, and about 400 total employees. Despite its success, the company is debt-free.

However, the FBI is currently investigating a suspected fraud involving Asad and his company. The agency has not yet made an arrest. Several agencies are involved in the investigation, including the Internal Revenue Service, the Postal Service, and the U.S. Department of Justice. According to Asad’s attorney, the case is an open investigation, and the client is cooperating with authorities.

Despite his successes, Asad has encountered challenges in his 30-year career. He was convicted of aggravated battery in 1995, and was sentenced to three months probation. There was also a dispute with a groundskeeper, who was injured after an argument over money. The groundskeeper eventually died, and Asad was accused of running over the man with a car during a standoff.