Ivan Semwanga Net Worth

Ivan Semwanga was a Ugandan socialite, who became a famous tycoon in South Africa. He died in May 2017 after suffering a heart attack. During his life, he had amassed a fortune of millions of dollars, as well as a home in the wealthy area of Muyenga, South Africa. In addition to this, he owned 10 schools across South Africa. However, the exact sources of his wealth are still unclear.

After he came to South Africa in 2002, Ivan began to become a rich tycoon. He worked with a group called the Rich Gang, which focused on promoting humanitarian principles. Many of the members of the group were Ugandan. It is believed that the group targeted less privileged youths in South Africa.

According to reports, Ivan had a huge business empire, as well as a large real estate company. Some of these businesses included a luxury hotel and a large student hostel. Other reports also indicate that he was involved in a string of schools in South Africa. One of his cousins was Lawrence. Another member of the group was Eddy Kyeyune.

At the time of his death, he had been using Ali Sennyomo as his official name. However, when he checked into Entebbe International Airport, he switched back to Semwanga. This was done in order to hide the fact that he was dead. Despite this, he left over four million US dollars in his bank accounts.

Upon his death, a funeral committee set aside Sh5 million for alcoholic drinks. Apparently, some of the items involved were valued at Sh700,000. The funeral was held at Ivan’s house in Muyenga, where five cows were slaughtered. There were concerns that the currency notes might have been misused.

Zari Hassan is the mother of Ivan’s children. She has three sons from her first marriage, and two daughters from her second. Since she was married to Ivan, she also had a close relationship with his children from his first wife.

Zari is the CEO of the schools that Ivan owns. According to local television, she kept running these joint projects even after her marriage with Ivan broke down. As for the other aspects of the family’s life, the children were taken care of by Zari. But Zari has since split from Ivan, citing physical abuse.

However, Zari has continued to work on her business and has a successful real estate business. Her net worth is estimated to reach $10 million by 2022. She is a philanthropist, a businesswoman and a socialite. During her career, she was awarded the title of Best Entrepreneur of the Year in the Diaspora category at the Diva Awards in 2009. Also, she has been nominated for the Africa Channel O Awards in the best song category.

While she remains an influential figure in Uganda, she has made a mark on the international entertainment scene. Her songs include “Oliwange” and “Woman of the Year.” A song she wrote and sang is currently nominated for the best East African video of the year.