J Stalin Net Worth – Rapper and Entrepreneur

J Stalin is a popular American rapper and entrepreneur. He is known for his works in West Coast hip hop. The rapper was born on January 25, 1987 in Oakland, California.

Despite his success, he does not talk much about his personal life. Aside from his official website, he has also made an account in social media.

J Stalin is a member of the Livewire Da Gang, a group of more than a dozen rappers from the Oakland area. Their most recent album is Livewire The Empire. They have released several mixtapes, including Stamp of Approval, Demolition Men Present: Early Morning Shield, and Welcome to da Slap House. Among the rap groups they have worked with are Beeda Weeda, G-Stack, San Quinn, and E-40.

He started his career as a teenager, releasing several mixtapes and singles. In 2006, he released a debut album titled The Stalin. Later on, he collaborated with Beeda Weeda, Kendrick Lamar, and E-40.

Since his debut, he has been a part of various other projects, including the demotapes The Greenlight and The Legend. As of 2007, he had four releases lined up. His latest project, Livewire The Empire, was released in 2012. Besides being a rapper, he is also the owner of Livewire Records, a radio station.

It is estimated that J Stalin has a net worth of $1 million. Throughout his career, he has earned money from endorsements and his own music. Additionally, he has received an income for his writing.

J Stalin has been a philanthropist, as well. He has provided opportunities to aspiring singers in his neighborhood. In addition to that, he has also taken care of his mother.

When he was a child, he sold candy bars on the BART trains in the Bay Area. Afterward, he began selling his own music. But, he was not given the best education. After a while, he was discovered by the owner of a recording studio, who offered him a platform to showcase his talent.

At age 16, he started his career in rap. He has worked with Beeda Weeda, Keak Da Sneak, San Quinn, and G-Stack.

Besides a successful music career, he is a devoted father and husband. He has three daughters and is committed to his family. And despite being a professional rapper, he is not involved in criminal activity. Instead, he tries to make an effort to improve the lives of people in his community.

J Stalin’s popularity is on the rise, especially in the West Coast. Recently, he has appeared in the internet sensation video, “Cupcakin,” with J-Nash. Currently, he is the president of Town Thizzness Ent. He is also the founder and owner of Livewire Records.

J Stalin has released three albums. These include The Legend (2009), the Stamp of Approval (2006), and the Livewire Da Gang (2001). He is a talented rapper and has also been recognized for his work in a variety of genres. Some of his songs have been featured on the television show, TMZ.