Jack Scalia Net Worth

Jack Scalia is a well-known actor in the United States. He is also a producer and a fashion model. Although he has appeared in numerous television shows and films, he is best known for his role as Chris Stamp on All My Children.

His career began in the early 1980s. During his first acting appearance, he played a role in the TV movie The Star Maker. Later, he became a model for the Ford Agency. When he was 31 years old, he was offered a role in the TV series, The Devlin Connection.

Before his debut on a major network, he had a short stint with the Montreal Expos. However, his baseball career was cut short by a serious injury. After his baseball career was over, he started an acting career.

Jack Scalia has been married twice. The first was with former model Joan Rankin. They had two daughters together. Their second marriage was to Karen Baldwin, who was the Miss Universe in 1982.

Jack Scalia was born in Brooklyn, New York City, on November 10, 1950. As of May 2017, his net worth is estimated at $5 million. He is a member of the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes, a 501c3 charity that works to aid injured veterans. Also, he is the founder of a nonprofit organization, Operation American Spirit. Unfortunately, the organization was closed down for failure to pay taxes.

Jack Scalia has an impressive Twitter presence. In the past few months, he has increased his Twitter followers. Currently, he has a following of over a million. On Instagram, he posts pictures of his performances and general life updates. Some of his most popular Instagram posts include selfies, story highlights, and self-promotional content. Additionally, he has an official account on the social networking site.

Aside from his acting roles, Jack Scalia has starred in a number of advertisements. One of these was for the clothing line Jordache jeans. Another was for the brand Eminence. At one point, he was able to get a piece of the action when he posed for a pin-up wall poster.

While he has appeared in a number of movies and television programs, his most famous work is his portrayal of a love interest to Susan Lucci on “All My Children”. This role is one of the best of Scalia’s career.

Jack Scalia is an ambassador for the Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes. He helped raise over $100,000 for the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks. He has also attended a number of events on military bases to speak to soldiers. During filming for the 2009 film, The Black Tulip, he visited servicemen and women.

In addition to his work in the entertainment industry, Scalia has worked to raise awareness about the importance of patriotism. Together with his wife, Edra Blixseth, Scalia created a nonprofit organization, Operation American Spirit, to help wounded veterans. By partnering with various organizations and charities, they have raised over $1 million to support those suffering from post-traumatic stress.