Jackie Oshry Net Worth

In the world of celebrities, the Instagram star Jackie Oshry is one of the biggest names. She has a large social media following with more than 2.4 million followers on her account. And she has a net worth estimated at $80 million. Having worked for over a decade in the world of podcasting, she has earned a great deal of money.

During her career, she has worked for various companies, including AOL, Birch Event Design, and The Huffington Post. She has also worked for the podcast The Morning Toast with her sister, Claudia. Currently, she is working as an Oath tech show podcaster.

As an Instagram influencer, she has earned a good income from her social media. Besides posting funny pictures and memes on her Instagram, she has a channel called “jackieoproblems”. Her YouTube channel has 6.88 k subscribers. It adds an average of $68 to $1.1K to her net worth annually.

Before becoming an Instagram star, she was a college student at Colgate University, where she majored in History and Arts. After graduating, she worked as an associate social media editor for The Huffington Post. Among her numerous other positions, she was the social media coordinator for iHeart Radio, the senior brand manager of The Morning Breath, and a social media coordinator for Birch Event Design.

Despite being an Instagram star, her net worth is still fairly low. Several years ago, she had a relationship with social media personality Ben Soffer. However, their relationship did not last. On the other hand, her brother Zachary Ross has appeared on her podcast several times. But they do not have any children together.

In recent years, she has become a major Internet personality and a co-host of a podcast with her sister. They are known as The Oshry sisters. Both are big fans of pop culture events. While their social media accounts and shows have made them popular, they have not won many awards. But they have gained their fame for being a great source of shock value on the internet.

In addition to her work on her social media account, Jackie Oshry has a fashion and lifestyle brand in the works. This is a very exciting development for her. She currently has over 80k Facebook followers and over 220k Instagram followers. Moreover, she has a youtube channel where she posts videos. Most of her income comes from her Instagram account.

According to reports, Jackie Oshry’s father is a political activist named Michael. However, she has no details of her father online. She was born on November 6, 1992, in New York City, and her zodiac sign is Scorpio. She was raised by her mother, Pamela Geller.

Despite being a famous Instagram star, she does not have a husband or a child. Nevertheless, she is expecting a baby with her boyfriend, Zach Weinreb, in 2022. Their wedding took place on February 17, 2019. At the time of writing, their engagement ring was an oval-cut diamond with pave setting.