Jacob Runyan Net Worth

Jacob Runyan is an American professional fisherman who has won several fishing competitions. He currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio. His net worth is estimated to be around $800 thousand in 2022.

Jacob Runyan and his fishing companion, Chase Cominsky, were allegedly caught cheating in a fishing tournament at Lake Erie. The men were accused of putting lead weights in their catch. They were also disqualified from the 2021 Fall Brawl. As a result, they lost the prize money of nearly $29,000.

While they were disqualified from the Fall Brawl, the men were still in the process of winning money at the Ohio fishing event. The two were set to win a bonus from a ship sponsor, as well as a share of a $29,000 grand prize. But when the authorities found loose fillets and weights in their fish, they were disqualified from the tournament.

A video of the incident has since gone viral. The Cleveland police and Metroparks department are currently investigating the incident. However, they have not yet released the full details of the case. In the meantime, the two men are still awaiting trial. Their attorneys have not commented on the matter.

Both of the men were reportedly studying for their captain’s license at the time of the tournament. Jake and Chase were a winning team, with a number of competition victories to their credit. That success made the rivals jealous.

Although the men were not formally suspended, the incident sparked a lot of backlash. Many contestants expressed their disappointment with the two men. They said they felt the success of the two men put them in a difficult situation. Some even stated that the win made them ungrateful for their rivals.

After the competition was over, the two men were found to be guilty of cheating. Jacob and Chase were caught with lead weights in their catch. Even though they were only disqualified from the fall competition, the investigation into the two men is ongoing. This is because if the men are convicted of cheating, they will face up to a year in prison.

Jacob Runyan has not revealed his parents, siblings, or educational background. It is likely that he has a wife. On July 25, he provided an address for the authorities on Bridge Street in Ashtabula. He has not posted about his wife on social media, however. Since then, no official Wikipedia page has been created for the individual.

Despite the fact that Jacob and Chase were suspected of cheating on multiple occasions, they were able to pass polygraph tests after the incident. The two men were also investigated for illegally owning wild animals. These incidents prompted the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) to investigate them further. ODNR wildlife officers will be filing a report with Cuyahoga County prosecutors.

While the investigation is in progress, it is expected that the case will eventually result in charges against the men. However, it is too soon to tell how serious the investigation will be.