Jade Ramey Net Worth

Jade Ramey is one of the most popular Instagram fitness stars. She has over a million followers on Instagram and over a hundred thousand followers on TikTok. With her amazing body and attractive personality, she has garnered a huge fan following on social media.

Jade Ramey is an American model and blogger. She has become famous for her workout videos, which she uploads on Instagram. After she gained recognition for her pictures, she started writing about her fitness journey. At first, she wrote about how she got started and how she was able to get fit. But later, she expanded into other areas. She has even written articles for Maxim Magazine’s Finest.

Jade Ramey is one of the leading social media influencers and is known for her ability to promote her work. Not only does she post workout videos, she also posts photos of herself in different types of clothing. Besides posting photographs, she also participates in fitness competitions. This has helped her gain real fame in the world of modeling.

Jade Ramey was born in Portland, Oregon, in the year 1994. As a teenager, she attended high school in Oregon. Later, she studied at the University of Portland. Her parents were middle-class. However, her father passed away, and her mother moved to New York to look for employment. The family later relocated to Oregon. Although the family has a home in Oregon, Jade grew up in a household that was not upper-class.

In 2010, Jade Fountain began a fitness journey. She vowed to change her lifestyle and improve her body. To do so, she adopted a number of health practices. Over the years, she has acquired a huge amount of weight. Moreover, she started a bad drinking habit.

However, she was able to reverse her bad habits with the help of fitness. She became very fit and began taking part in various competitions. Currently, she is a well-known fitness and fashion model. Since she started her career, she has worked with several renowned brands. Among them, she has appeared on the cover of several magazine publications and has been featured in the Maxim Finest.

Although, Jade has yet to reveal any details about her personal life, fans believe that she is single. Despite this, she maintains a professional tone on her social media. Most of her posts on Instagram and TikTok are about workouts, vacations, and other social events.

In 2017, Jade participated in the Maxim Finest contest. As a result, she became an international star. Additionally, she is known for her contributions to OnlyFans. She also contributes to the podcast “Free Game.” While her personal life remains secret, fans of her Instagram videos and TikTok videos have plenty of information to learn about her.

Jade Ramey has earned a considerable amount of money through her content. In addition, she has worked with brands in order to generate income. Currently, she has a net worth of about $1 to $5 million.