James Mtume Net Worth

James Mtume is an American jazz musician, songwriter, singer, and music producer. He was born in Philadelphia in 1946. His father was Jimmy Heath, a famous saxophonist, and his mother was Bertha Forman. From a young age, he was interested in swimming.

As a teenager, he studied piano and percussion, and enrolled at Pasadena City College on a swimming scholarship. While there, he met Miles Davis. Davis offered him a chance to join his band. Afterward, Mtume changed his name from Damu to Mtume.

During his youth, he also participated in sports and athletics, and he earned the title of first black Middle Atlantic AAU champion in backstroke. At his parents’ home, he heard jazz musicians regularly. Later, he went to California, where he adopted the name Mtume.

After gaining acclaim as a saxophonist, he became a composer and producer for other artists. For instance, he wrote Stephanie Mills’ “Never Knew Love Like This Before.” The song won a Grammy Award in 1992. Besides music, he has also worked as a film scorer. In 1994, he scored the television series New York Undercover. Since then, he has also become a radio presenter. Besides, he has a wife and two children, Damu and Faulu.

However, James Mtume’s personal life has been largely unknown. In July 2018, he filed a lawsuit against Sony Music/Epic Records over ownership of his recordings. According to the suit, he claimed that he was the sole owner of the recordings. Despite his claim, however, his family has disputed his assertion.

As a songwriter, he is credited with numerous hits. Several of these songs have been sampled by popular performers, such as Alicia Keys, R. Kelly, and Jennifer Lopez. Other musicians who have been influenced by the work of Mtume include D-Angelo, Warren G, and Faith Evans.

Among the most popular and memorable songs of James Mtume are “Juicy Fruit,” “Boogie Woogie,” “It’s a Good Life,” “Freak Tonight,” and “Never Knew Love Like This Before.” These tunes have gained wide attention and have been cited as samples. Moreover, he has produced many hits for artists such as Mary J. Blige, K-Ci & Jojo, and D-Angelo.

During his six-decade career, Mtume has recorded seven albums. These albums were released on the Epic label between 1978 and 1986. Most of these albums were certified gold. Another notable album was his collaboration with Miles Davis.

Mtume worked as a member of the US Organization, an organization of Black people that was founded by Hakim Jamal and Maulana Karenga in 1966. Mtume joined the group in 1966 and left in 1969. During his tenure with the organization, he helped organize the first Kwanzaa celebration.

Mtume was an instrumental contributor to Big Fun, On the Corner, and Pangaea. He has also produced several albums. During his career, he has been awarded the Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocalist and Best Instrumental Composition for the song “Never Knew Love Like This Before.”

Besides his work as a musician, he was a radio and film presenter. He had an estimated net worth of $7 million, as of 2021.