James Prigioni Net Worth

Prigioni is an Argentine-Italian professional basketball player. He began his career with Ramallo in Argentina and played for Belgrano San Nicolas until 1996. In 1998 he was drafted by Obras Sanitarias. He also played for Tau Cermanica, Caja Laboral, and Ognjen Jaramaz in Spain.

His best moment to date was at the 2004 South American Basketball Championships where he won gold medals for a rebounding performance and an assist. Then there’s the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics where he won the bronze medal.

After a long and successful career in the ACB league, Prigioni made his way to the NBA. Despite his age, he’s had a very productive first year in the league. While he’s yet to take home a championship, he’s having a solid statistical season and has led the Knicks to a playoff victory.

Aside from his scoring ability, McDaniels is a high-flyer and a good defensive player. He averages 9.2 points per game while grabbing 3.8 rebounds and blocking 1.3 shots. However, he’s been a bit underappreciated for his efforts this season.

Prigioni is a reliable floor spacing option for an offense that relies on perimeter players. His high shooting percentage and Assist Ratio make him a very desirable teammate.

In fact, the Knicks’ Assist Ratio has improved by a full point this season. Prigioni and Smith have been on the court together for 780 minutes this season, and have a net rating of +9.5 per 100 possessions.

On the defensive side of the ball, Prigioni is no stranger to hustling for loose balls. Last month, he took a charge and stopped the Jazz’s fast break. He has a reputation for being a good passer, and he loves to thread the needle on highlight reel opportunities.

Prigioni has the potential to be a great NBA player, but the Knicks need to keep him around for a while. Considering his age, he may not play a lot of minutes, but he’s certainly an asset to the team. Currently, the Knicks are operating in a tight salary cap situation. Phil Jackson wants to cut as much of his players’ salary as possible.

The Knicks have big contracts for Carmelo Anthony, Tyson Chandler, and Amar’e Stoudemire. They need a player like Prigioni to help them pursue postseason success. Despite his aging age, he’s had a great first season and has helped the team get back on track.

Having a player like Prigioni on the roster is a very smart move for the Knicks. If they continue to improve, they could be in the mix for a championship. It’s a shame that he’s only on a one-year deal, though, since he’s already showing a lot of promise.

Prigioni has a great relationship with teammates and he is known for his energy and enthusiasm on the court. The Argentinian’s game still has plenty to offer. Hopefully, the Knicks can find a suitable replacement for him in the next few years. Otherwise, the Argentinian has shown that he has the talent and the tenacity to be a valuable asset to any team.