Jason Maltas Net Worth – The Richest Real Estate Businessman in the World

When it comes to real estate businessmen, you might not think of Jason Maltas. He is not a celebrity, but he is one of the wealthiest men in the industry. After all, he is the owner of Gordon Gibson Design and Construction, a leading developer of luxury homes in California and Santa Monica. So, what exactly is he worth? Read on to find out!

Born on May 25, 1971 in Sylmar, California, Jason Maltas grew up in a wealthy family and had a passion for construction since his early years. The son of Ronald Tutor, a building contractor, Jason eventually worked for his father’s company. Eventually, he became the president of Gordon Gibson Construction, which is one of the leading residential construction companies in the industry.

Since the start of his career, Maltas has been interested in land development and construction. Although he started out as a professional in the industry, he eventually opened his own company in 2004. Today, he earns a good income through his construction business.

Before he became a construction expert, Maltas studied business at Arizona State University. While he was an undergraduate, he worked for Cross River Improvement. However, he eventually switched to a new position at Chipley Development. He then worked for Gordon Gibson Construction, which builds custom luxury homes in California and Santa Monica.

Jason Maltas married Tracy Tutor in 2005. They are the parents of two daughters. Their divorce was finalized in 2018. During their divorce, they had an agreement for their assets to be equally divided. One of the biggest assets they shared was their home. It has seven bedrooms, a swimming pool, and a detached guesthouse. They also kept the Porsche Cayenne that was registered to their name.

As an agent, he has sold over $400 million in real estate deals. He is now married to the heiress of a large fortune. And, he is a fine wine connoisseur. In addition to his business, Maltas also has a collection of James Dean and Steve McQueen photographs.

Although he has not disclosed his current net worth, it is believed that he is worth around $20 million. In fact, he might be the richest real estate businessman in the world.

After a long marriage, Jason and Tracy Tutor decided to get a divorce in 2018. They agreed to split their assets, including the two daughters they share. Nevertheless, the former couple did not fight over the settlement. Rather, they chose to make their assets equal, and it appears to have worked. This means that all of the money that was left in their home after they split will probably be shared with their ex.

Despite being a reality star, Maltas has been relatively private. Unlike other celebrities, he has not made a big fuss about his personal life. For example, he does not have an Instagram account. He has also not disclosed his height or weight. But, it is presumed that he is about five feet eleven inches tall and weighs a healthy amount.