Javad Mokhbery Net Worth

The current CEO of a leading global technology company located in South Orange County, California, Javad Mokhbery is a highly successful entrepreneur. He has worked tirelessly to create a positive influence in his community. His dedication to his career and his desire to help others are admirable qualities.

Javad is a founder and CEO of FUTEK, a global leader in the manufacturing of sensors. Since the founding of the company in 1985, the company has become a worldwide pioneer in sensor technology. Today, the company has developed several applications that have benefited countless people around the world. Currently, the company is working with NASA JPL to produce mission-critical sensors for the Curiosity Mars Rover. These devices are essential to the success of the mission. In addition to the company’s focus on providing quality products, the company also has a commitment to improving the economy and prioritizing public safety.

Before settling in the U.S., Javad and his brother studied industrial and mechanical engineering at Lawrence Technological University in Oakland. While there, they began selling ice cream to help fund their studies. After graduating, they returned to Iran. However, Javad wanted to come to the United States and work. Therefore, he came to the United States in 1974.

Javad Mokhbery has been an inspiration to many people. With his hard work and dedication to helping others, he has proven that anyone can achieve the American Dream. As a result of his determination and perseverance, he has been able to achieve his dream of becoming a successful businessman.