Javar Escobar Net Worth

The BandGang is a gangster rap group from the city of Detroit. There are several members in the group and the group has released a couple of albums. One of the most popular ones is WDW 2. It is one of the few rap groups to have a number one album in the US. Other notable releases include Untouchable and The Family. In fact, the group has won several awards in its time and is regarded as a hip-hop supergroup.

Javar Escobar is a Michigan born rapper who was one of the first members of the BandGang. He is now one of the most famous American rappers in the industry. His net worth is estimated to be in the tens of millions, and his family includes a wife and several kids. Although he prefers to keep his personal life a secret, he has a large entourage of fans and his Twitter account is a constant source of gossip. Some of the coolest music videos in recent memory have been filmed and produced by the band.

The band actually makes a good living from its many recording contracts and live shows. The best part is that they have a lot of fun doing it. You may even catch them performing in your town. For instance, there was a concert at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio where the band played a number of songs in honor of their fans. Also, there are numerous other musical acts who have performed with the band. They have also gotten a lot of attention from the media, including a recent interview on Oprah. Moreover, Javar has released a couple of notable album. With a little luck, the fabled hip hop sexiest man in the world will find the perfect love of his life, and the two of them will spend the rest of their days making great music together.

On a related note, the band has a a nifty gizmo in the form of a smart phone that allows the group to communicate with its fans in real-time. This allows them to be a little more interactive than some other groups. They have even gone so far as to release their own mobile game.

However, the hottest hip-hop act in the country may have its flaws, and the biggest question is how do they stay together in the first place. Their chemistry seems to be a mix of mutual respect and a healthy dose of testosterone, but if their new album is any indication, they are about to break into the mainstream.