Jeff Thorman Net Worth

Jeff Thorman is a Canadian superstar in the home improvement space. He has a YouTube channel with a subscriber count of over a million and an estimated net worth of several million dollars. The premise behind the channel is he makes home improvement fun and accessible to anyone with a bit of patience and a couple of tools.

Jeff and his wife Michelle are now empty nesters and he has found time to put his mark on the world by way of his YouTube channel and the occasional live show. While the most popular of his many videos are on home improvement, you can also find him in other fields of interest, such as golf or skiing. During his years of professional contracting, he has aided in the refurbishment of homes ranging from the swanky to the slum. This includes a number of impressive feats of physics.

Jeff’s YouTube channel has seen a lot of growth since March of this year, and is currently one of the top paying paid channels on the site. The channel has a reasonably well rounded demographic, with a mix of Gen-X and Gen-Y viewers. In an effort to keep viewers glued to the screen, he recently launched a brand new interactive community forum. Likewise, his latest video, Home Renovation: The Biggest Mistakes, is designed to shed light on the mistakes homeowners make when renovating their homes.

The YouTube video, which he posted in January of this year, has been viewed more than one million times. That’s a lot of views, and considering that the average American spends around two hours and forty-five minutes per day watching YouTube videos, that’s a good thing. Moreover, the site’s content is constantly refreshed, so viewers can expect to see the latest trends, as well as content from their favourite YouTubers. Aside from the channel’s videos, the site is home to an ever expanding collection of YouTube stars, a trove of the aforementioned best of the best videos, as well as a plethora of other e-learning tools for the aspiring do-it-yourselfer.

The Jeff Thorman YouTube channel also has a mobile app, allowing viewers to view and download the best of the content from their mobile devices. The app has a slew of features, including a built-in mobile store that allows users to purchase Thorman products and branded merchandise, as well as an integrated community forum where you can share your favourite Thorman YouTube videos. Additionally, you can access a mobile library, which includes a downloadable eBook, audio and video clips, as well as an augmented reality app.

Although the channel has only been in existence for a little over a year, it is already ranked as the third most visited paid YouTube channel, with its estimated gross revenue for the year estimated at nearly a million dollars. Despite the rapid growth, the channel remains a family owned company, based in Ottawa.