Jelena Karleusa Net Worth

Jelena Karleusa is a Serbian Pop Singer. She has been successful in her career and has gained popularity in the Balkans and worldwide. As a singer, she has sold more than 5 million records and has become a star in the region. Aside from her music, she has also been a fashion model and an entrepreneur. The artist has her own clothing line and perfume. In addition, she has a beauty salon called JK Beauty.

Although she has been a pop singer for more than ten years, Karleusa was still pursuing her dream to become a fashion designer. She is a famous fashion model and has appeared in numerous music videos. Moreover, she has also starred in several films. However, the actress is known for her provocative appearance. Her public persona is said to be a “black sheep” in her family. Nevertheless, Karleusa has managed to succeed in her career and has been awarded a number of awards.

At the age of 16, Karleusa began to sing. She was influenced by Lepa Brena and also played the flute. She was also interested in politics and human rights. Eventually, she graduated from a high school in the New Belgrade neighborhood. After her parents divorced, she moved in with her mother.

Karleusa started her professional career in 2002. Since then, she has released ten studio albums. Of these, four are certified platinum. Additionally, she has been nominated for five Oskar Popularnosti Awards, including Best Female Folk Singer of the Year. She also won the GayEcho Award, a prize for being a popular singer.

Despite her fame and success, Karleusa prefers to keep her personal life private. She has not been married or has children. Besides, she is a human rights advocate and has been involved in a number of charitable works.

While there are no specific details on her net worth, she has been estimated to earn between $1 and $5 million per year. The figure was obtained by using online sources and estimations. For her yearly earnings, she has also estimated the car costs and her salary. Currently, Karleusa has a net worth of $40 million. Among her assets, she has her own beauty line, and she owns a fashion and jewelry boutique. This figure is expected to increase in the coming years. Nonetheless, she is one of the wealthiest stars in Serbia. Hence, the actress’s net worth is expected to increase in the 2021-2022 period.

As a singer, she has been considered the “Madonna of the Balkans”. It is believed that she is the main rival of Ceca Raznatovic. She also plans to expand her musical repertoire and is working on an album in English. Apart from music, Karleusa is also a beauty expert and promotes many cosmetic and fashion brands.

Among the albums she has released are Za svoje godine, Ogledalce, Zenite se momci, and Alpha. During her career, Karleusa has been nominated for several awards, and she has won two Music Awards ceremonies in 2019. She was a jury member for Grand Stars in 2015.

Moreover, she has her own line of makeup, perfume, and jewelry. On her social media accounts, Karleusa has become a popular beauty expert, and she promotes various fashion and beauty brands.