Jenji Kohan Net Worth

Jenji Kohan is a writer and producer, primarily known for her work on the satire series Orange is the New Black. She is a member of the Screenwriting Writers Guild and has been nominated for nine Emmy Awards. The show is based on the memoir by Piper Kerman and is Netflix’s most popular original series. It also holds the distinction of being the first original comedy series to be nominated for an Emmy for outstanding comedy series.

Kohan was born in Los Angeles, California, on July 5, 1969. Her parents were Buz and Rhea Kohan, who were both in the show business industry. She graduated from Beverly Hills High School in 1987 and transferred to Columbia University. There, she studied English language and literature.

Kohan has written for several popular television shows, including the Showtime series Weeds and Netflix’s Orange is the New Black. She is credited as the executive producer of the latter. As of mid-2016, Kohan’s net worth was estimated at $15 million. This figure is expected to increase as her career continues to flourish.

Besides writing, Kohan also serves as a music composer. She has a degree in English language and literature from Columbia University, and has been nominated for an Emmy for her work on Weeds. Kohan owns her own writing studio called Tilted Productions. She is also the owner of the Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles. However, she has never spoken publicly about her finances. Despite her success, she has no social media accounts.

Kohan and her family share a Jewish background. While Kohan was growing up, she was friends with Charles, the actor who played Prince Charles in “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”. Unfortunately, Charles died in a skiing accident in 1992, shortly after Kohan finished college.

Kohan has two younger siblings, Lindsay and David. Both of them are also writers, though they have different paths to take in their careers. During their time on the show, Kohan and her brother had one mutual scene they kept in touch with. Eventually, they went their separate ways.

Kohan and her husband, Christopher Noxon, have three children together. They are also active members of the Jewish community. They converted to Judaism before their marriage. Their sons are Christopher, who is a freelance journalist and is married to actress Tracey Uggen, and Benjamin, who is an actor.

Kohan has been nominated for seven Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Comedy Series for her work on “Weeds.” She received a nomination for Most Outstanding Series from the Writers Guild of America in 2009. She has been nominated for eight Producers Guild of America awards and has been nominated for a CableACE award for producing her series, Tracey Takes On.

In addition to her career as a writer, Kohan has an interest in fashion. She wears a variety of different hair colors. Sometimes her hair is brown, sometimes it is black, and oftentimes, it changes based on her interests in style.