Jenni Pulos Net Worth

The American actress Jenni Pulos is an acclaimed television personality and producer. She gained popularity as a partner of Jeff Lewis, a real estate investor, and she has played numerous roles on the big screen. Initially, she started her career as a sports enthusiast and a writer, but later she switched to acting. After her debut on the television show, “Theater Film,” Jenni Pulos worked with Jeff Lewis for a number of years. Before starring in the television series Flipping Out, she worked as a production assistant for a number of shows including NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” and “The Daily Show.”

As an aspiring actress, she had small roles in television shows. In addition, she is also a hip hop artist and a writer. For her work on the television series, she won the Apollo Award, and she has been nominated for an Emmy Award.

She was born in Oregon, USA, on January 3, 1973. She attended the University of California in Los Angeles, and in her college days, she was interested in acting. After graduating, she worked as an actor, a songwriter, and a voiceover artist. During her college years, she also appeared on the television sitcom, Moesha, with her ex-husband, Chris Elwood.

Jenni Pulos’s net worth is estimated at about $3 million. However, she has yet to reveal the exact amount she earns. It is likely that she will endorse major brands in the future. This can either be a result of her own endorsements, or it can be a result of the sponsorship she receives.

Pulos has not revealed her personal details, but she is a very active social media user. She has also been a guest on various shows, such as Nate Berkus’s “Nate Berkus Show” and “Monk.” She has also co-written a children’s rap song. Her children’s CD has been a hit, and she is currently working on her second album.

Pulos and her husband, Jonathan Nassos, live in Los Angeles and New York City, and they have three pets. They have two daughters, Zoila and Georgia Grace. Both of the daughters are going to college in the near future.

Jenni Pulos and Jonathan Nassos married on Memorial Weekend in 2012 in Chicago. They are expecting a third child. Their first daughter, Alianna Marika, was born on June 2013 and their second daughter, Georgia Grace, was born on June 2017.

Pulos is a TV producer and author, and she has written a novel, “Grin and Bear It,” with Laura Morton. She is currently developing more scripted shows, and she hopes to add more children to her family. If she can, she hopes to have a third child, and she could have another child after she turns 40.

In 2007, Pulos was hired as an assistant for Jeff Lewis, an interior designer, on the reality television show, Flipping Out. When the show premiered, she rose in popularity and became a celebrity. But after the show’s 11th season, Pulos left the show to pursue acting. Afterward, she filed a wrongful termination suit against Authentic Entertainment.