Jennifer Bonjean Net Worth – How Much Is Jennifer Bonjean Worth?

Jennifer Bonjean is a successful lawyer and entrepreneur. She is a member of the New York, Illinois, and New Jersey bar. Currently, she is living in Brooklyn, NY. Her net worth is estimated at $10-12 million USD as of January 2023.

She is a proud mother of four children. Her husband is Ken Alpart. They have been married for many years. They have one son who is training to be a mixed martial arts fighter.

Bonjean is a civil rights attorney. She has helped numerous people throughout the world. In 2014, she was awarded the Humanitarian of the Year Award. Previously, she was a victim’s rights advocate and worked as a rape crisis counselor. Earlier, she worked at various corporations. Most notably, she was the defense attorney for Bill Cosby. When Cosby was convicted of sexual assault, she was the driving force behind his appeal in Pennsylvania. However, she ultimately lost the case, and Cosby was sent to prison.

After completing her Bachelor of Music degree from DePaul University, Bonjean joined Loyola University Chicago School of Law. She then earned her Master of Music and Opera Performance degree from Manhattan School of Music. Before graduating, she interned at the Capital Litigation Division of the Illinois State Appellate Defenders Office.

While she was working in the state defender’s office, she began receiving letters from Jason Gray. She fought his innocence for over ten years. Although she lost the case, she helped prove Gray’s innocence. Later, he was released from prison.

The first Instagram post by Bonjean was made on the ninth June 2012. She shared a photo of herself with her sister. She has a long list of tattoos on her body. In her free time, she likes to read. Besides, she also loves to spend time with her family.

Jennifer Bonjean has a lot of fans all over the world. Despite the fact that her parents were not rich, they managed to provide for her education. Initially, she wanted to become a prosecutor. But later, she realized that she had more to offer in the public defense field. During her professional career, she has defended several notable individuals and helped them secure their freedom.

After a few years, she moved to New York City. Now, she has her own law firm, Bonejan Law Group, PLLC. One of her biggest achievements has been her work to overturn the sexual assault conviction of Bill Cosby.

Aside from her impressive contributions in the courtroom, Bonjean has also been influential in the media. During her career, she has appeared in various press conferences. Moreover, she has been featured on FOX News. On the other hand, her social media accounts have allowed her to share her experiences and recollections with the world. Likewise, she has received praise from millions of people around the world.

Jennifer Bonjean is a well-known celebrity in the United States. She has received numerous prestigious awards, such as the Humanitarian of the Year award. And she is a member of the New York and New Jersey Bar Council.