Jennifer Dorow Net Worth

Jennifer Dorow, a judge for the Circuit Court in Waukesha County, Wisconsin, is one of the most prominent court judges in the state. Judge Dorow has been in the news lately for her role in the Darrell Brooks trial. However, she also has other roles. In addition to her work as a court judge, she is a former defense attorney and currently serves as the chief judge of the 3rd Judicial Administrative District.

Before becoming a judge, she worked as an assistant district attorney in Waukesha County. She also served as a board member of the Kiwanis International Waukesha Noon Chapter and was involved in several charitable activities.

Aside from being a judge, Jennifer Dorow is a businesswoman, a politician, and a media personality. She is married to Brian Dorow and has three children. As a family, they are Christians. Her husband has been a police officer for over ten years. He also has a security company. They are known to have a mixed ethnicity.

When she was younger, Jennifer Dorow lived in Milwaukee. Eventually, she moved to Waukesha County. The couple has two sons. Their daughter is a student at Marquette University.

After Jennifer Dorow graduated from Marquette, she began her career as a lawyer. She later received her Juris Doctor degree from Regent University Law School. Later, she was admitted to the U.S. District Court, Eastern District of Wisconsin.

After receiving her law degree, she began practicing as an attorney in private practice. She served as an assistant district attorney in Waukesha county until 2004. This position allowed her to gain national prominence in the Darrell Brooks trial.

Although her official birth date is not disclosed, reports suggest that Jennifer Dorow was born in 1980. She is 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighs 59 pounds, and has brown eyes. She has no tattoos or other identifying marks. Moreover, she does not drink alcohol.

As a judge, Dorow is expected to earn a modest salary. According to reports, she is estimated to make $155,023. Nevertheless, it is unknown how much she earns per year. Moreover, she avoids posting personal information on social media.

Since being a judge, Jennifer has gained a reputation as a fair and impartial jurist. She has even been nominated to serve on the state supreme court. Moreover, she has been re-elected to serve as a judge in Waukesha County twice.

Jennifer Dorow has been working in the field of law for fifteen years now. During this time, she was appointed as a circuit court judge in 2012. She has also been re-elected twice to serve as a judge in the county. It is reported that she is expecting a child in the near future.

Despite the fact that Jennifer Dorow has not made any official announcement about her family, she is married to Brian Dorow, a former police officer. Their children are Angelina, Michael, and Jonathan. Though they are not revealing their names, the family is reportedly Christian.