Jennifer Scordo Net Worth

Jennifer Scordo was born in Stone Mountain, Georgia. She is a producer and update anchor for 97.5 The Fanatic and has been part of the Beasley Media Group family for a number of years. Her most recent role was filling in for former Egenolf. While she may be new to the Philadelphia area, Jennifer knows a thing or two about the city and its sports teams.

Jennifer’s most infamous act was releasing sexually explicit messages on her Twitter account. She is also known for her many aliases, which include Pat, Lizbeth, and the one that really mattered, Lucrezia. At the time of her departure, she was reported to be earning a respectable 105,236 annually. She did not have to worry about finding a new job though, as she was hired by 97.5 shortly after leaving her previous position.

Jennifer is a jack of all trades, having experience in several areas, including the television, radio, and gaming worlds. Among her achievements, she was a producer of the television movie, The Big Hit, and has a knack for bringing people together. During her time at 97.5, she has had the opportunity to cover some of the biggest events in Philly sports history. In addition, she has become a mahjong aficionado.

She also has a degree in marketing and has spent a number of years in the entertainment industry. It was this experience that led her to write a book on the subject. From there, she began working in the Judicial field. But it wasn’t until she moved to the city that she discovered what she was really good at. She has also found her true calling as a mahjong player.

As she turns thirty in 2020, she is still young at heart. One of her many goals in life is to teach high school. With that in mind, she has been looking for a role that combines her love of sports and education. So, it’s no surprise she was attracted to the newsroom at 97.5. However, she has yet to land a permanent position with the storied sports broadcaster. And that’s a good thing, since she has no shortage of admirers.

Jennifer Scordo is an impressive lady with a hefty net worth. Her annual salary isn’t just a cakewalk, however. She has a long resume, and is one of the most recognizable names in the industry. On top of that, she has the halo of being the first woman to hold the title of associate producer for a Philadelphia sports team. When she’s not busy with her duties on the air, she can be found playing mahjong or watching the Phillies.

Aside from her stellar career, Jennifer Scordo has a large family. Her parents are both in the television business. She has four siblings and three cousins. Her uncle and his wife are also on the show. Not to mention her grandfather who’s a retired firefighter. Currently, she lives in the New York metro area.