Jeremy Zucker Net Worth

Jeremy Zucker is a talented singer and music producer, born and raised in New Jersey. He has gained fame through social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram. A singer and musician, he released his first EP, Beach Island, in August 2015. Throughout his career, he has also collaborated with Daniel James and Benjamin O. In 2016, he released his third EP, Motions, with 3OAK Music. During the same year, he signed with Republic Records. His latest single, Comethru, was a viral hit. The video was shot at the 285 Flea Market in Atlanta and premiered on January 7, 2020.

Jeremy was raised in a musical household. He started making music as early as middle school, producing songs on Garageband. Eventually, he formed a band called “Foreshadows” during high school. Later, he started his own band, 3OAK, with two of his best friends.

After completing his education, he started his career as a music producer. He has since made a lot of money from his music. Although he has a limited number of hit songs, he has managed to earn a total of $40 million. It is not known whether he has a wife or children, but he keeps his personal life private. Currently, he has 2.55 millon subscribers on YouTube.

Zucker was born on March 3, 1997 in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. He was raised with his two elder brothers. Throughout his education, he attended Colorado College. During his time there, he studied pre-med. As a result, he graduated with a degree in molecular biology. From there, he went on to get a degree in the Colorado Faculty.

In his early years, he started making music in his bedroom. Initially, he started as a snowboard instructor at a ski resort. Eventually, he was asked to teach a class on skiing. By the end of his first year, he had already been playing concerts. Those concerts would usually last for at least two hours, depending on the opening acts. Jeremy Zucker has since become popular through his YouTube and Instagram accounts. He has also released songs like Supercuts, Talk Is Overrated, and Melody. Among the most popular of these songs, Comethru earned a platinum certificate from the Recording Industry Association of America.

Jeremy Zucker has released a total of twelve songs. He has worked on several albums. Some of his notable EPs include Breach Island, Idle, and Love is not Dying. He has also been on several tours, including 69. For his latest work, he was inspired to share his own story and tackle depression in today’s youth in a direct and honest manner.

Jeremy Zucker’s first solo song was Melody from the Beach Island album. The song is currently close to 50 million views on YouTube. Besides, he has released many other songs, which have achieved a lot of popularity. Moreover, his videos have also accumulated millions of views.

Jeremy is currently working on his next album, which is slated to be released in 2021. Until then, he has released three EPs, and has plans to release a fourth collection.