Jessie Claire Gerhardstein Net Worth

One of the most popular models in the swimwear industry, Jessie Claire Gerhardstein has achieved a considerable level of success in a relatively short time. She has done photoshoots for numerous high profile swimwear brands, primarily in the United States of America. As such, she is well suited to talk about the many facets of the business. This includes the latest swimwear trends, upcoming events, and even how to get started in the industry.

Jessie Claire Gerhardstein was born on the 14th of May 1996 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her father is Philip Gerhardstein and she has a twin sister named Faith. At the age of 26, she purchased a house using the proceeds of her modeling career. Previously, she was a part of the marketing and sales team at ANN Inc., a division of a large online retailer, where she worked for a little less than two years. Since then, she has become a subsidiary of NV Models & Talent, a talent management company. Besides modeling, Gerhardstein is also a business analyst and deals facilitator. In fact, she has analyzed a lot of data in Excel.

In the world of modelling, Gerhardstein is a true aficionado, especially when it comes to swimwear. She has modeled for a variety of notable brands, including SwimOutlet, Funkita Swimwear, and Tommy Hilfiger. Currently, she is a leasing coordinator at Luxottica. On top of her modeling gig, Gerhardstein is a member of the NV Models & Talent roster, whose responsibilities include handling booking, talent development, and talent acquisition. Aside from her responsibilities, she also takes care of her fitness, which she is quite good at.

She is no stranger to the social media scene, either. Although she is not very active on Instagram, she does post a few photos on Facebook. Additionally, she has a number of dedicated subscribers on TikTok. Indeed, the TikTok app boasts more than three million users, which is no small feat. While the TikTok app isn’t exactly the most user-friendly, it’s still one of the best ways to share photos with friends and family, as well as track your daily exercise regime.

Gerhardstein has a modest net worth, though it’s likely to grow over the coming years. As of March 2019, her estimated net worth is $110,000. Although she has yet to reveal her exact birth date, her social media activity and work history indicate that she’s a young woman with lots of potential. If her current track record is any indication, she’s on track to become an influential model in the coming decades.

Considering that she’s only twenty-six, she’s likely to continue her upward trajectory in the coming decades. Currently, she’s a member of NV Models & Talent, the largest modeling agency in the US. The company handles all aspects of talent representation, booking, and development. So, if you’re looking to hire a new model, be sure to keep Gerhardstein in mind! You can also take a look at some of her recent work, and you might be surprised at the quality of some of the pieces she’s been able to put her name on.