JiggAerobics Net Worth – How Much is LaDonte Lotts Worth?

JiggAerobics is a dance fitness program that mixes jigging and plyometrics. The exercises are aimed at increasing muscle power and endurance over time. It is a full body workout that can be streamed online from your home. A subscription to JiggAerobics costs $9.99 per month. Customers can pay by debit or credit card. They can also buy packages of class sessions.

JiggAerobics is based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. It started in 2015. LaDonte Lotts, the founder and CEO, is a fitness instructor and motivational speaker who studied choreography at Southern University. He is also a former member of the Human Jukebox. After working at a clothing company, he decided to get involved with a fitness business.

Lotts decided to create a dance fitness program because he thought the jig was fun. This form of dancing is very popular in Baton Rouge, and the owner plans on using it to promote exercise and health. There are several ways to get involved with JiggAerobics. You can join in for a private event, attend an open session, or purchase a membership. Guests will be able to participate in a variety of challenges, including jumping up and down, fast dancing, and your favorite partner dances.

If you would like to learn more about JiggAerobics, check out their website. In addition to their regular classes, they organize events in popular areas. For instance, they recently visited LSU and Spring, Texas. You can also find out about their social media accounts and workplace phone number.

JiggAerobics offers a wide range of classes and special events. Customers can pay for a monthly membership, and they can pay by check or credit card. They can also purchase a package of sessions for an entire month. Those who don’t want to commit to a subscription can join the free trial program.

JiggAerobics has been featured on the hit television show Shark Tank. However, the show didn’t seem to enjoy the dancing fitness instructor’s style. Nevertheless, the episode did air a viral Covid-19 epidemic. But that didn’t stop LaDonte from getting the sharks up and dancing on the carpet!

When LaDonte Lotts pitched JiggAerobics to the Sharks, he asked for a $50,000 investment for 12% of the company. However, the investor said he would rather see LaDonte build the business on his own. Rather than investing in the company, the investor is advising LaDonte to keep building the brand. Ultimately, he wants to take JiggAerobics to the world.

As of December 2021, the JiggAerobics net worth is around $900,000. Founder LaDonte Lotts has a net worth of 600,000 USD. And he is expected to become one of the richest people in the world in the next few years.

LaDonte Lotts is ready to make his JiggAerobics fitness business an international sensation. Although he hasn’t yet received a deal from the Sharks, he’s looking for an investor to help him grow the business. If he can get the funding he needs, he plans on building a brand for the fitness program.