Jim Bohannon Net Worth

The American broadcaster and talk show host Jim Bohannon has had many interests. He is a veteran and has been nominated for the Marconi Radio Award. Some of his other notable achievements include being named to the National Radio Hall of Fame. His show, America in the Morning, has been syndicated in a nationwide variety of markets. It is currently available on the Westwood One Network.

Before becoming a famous radio personality, Jim had a number of radio and television jobs. He served as a news reporter for KWTO-AM, and he was a disc jockey for KICK. He also worked for WCFL-AM in Chicago, WRC, and WTOP. He has also worked as a CNN bureau reporter. Despite his long career in radio, he is most famous for his work as host of the Jim Bohannon Show, which debuted on January 29, 1993.

Bohannon is from Lebanon, Missouri, but moved to the Washington, D.C. area in 1970. He attended Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield. After high school, he joined the Army, serving with the 199th Infantry Brigade during the Vietnam War. When he returned from his tour of duty, he became a principal back-up for Larry King on the “The Larry King Show.” Later, he would serve as a DJ at KICK and WGAY.

In 2003, he was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame. Bohannon has also been recognized for his documentary on the Vietnam War. That documentary won a Gold Award at the International Radio Festival of New York.

Bohannon is the creator of the annual National Freedom of Information Day, which is observed the first Monday of every March. He occasionally serves as a booth announcer for CBS-TV’s Face the Nation. However, he has been absent from the show for a number of years, although he has been rumored to have medical problems.

Bohannon is survived by his wife, Annabelle, and their daughter, Elizabeth Smith. They met when they were both in high school. Their relationship ended after graduation, but they reconnected a few decades later.

Since 1998, Bohannon has been married to his wife, Annabelle. They were high school friends. During their time together, they were regular babysitters for Claire McCaskill. McCaskill later became a U.S. senator from Missouri.

Although the exact income that Jim Bohannon earns is not known, his net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million. He is classified as a Capricorn and has a twisted sense of humor. He is a fan of trombone, science fiction, and reading.

His first marriage to Camille ended after a short period of separation. They married again in August 1998. A few years later, Bohannon divorced Camille and later remarried.

Bohannon has worked as a guest host on other shows, including the Larry King Show. In addition, he has anchored election coverage and political conventions. He has also been nominated for the Marconi Awards for Network Syndicated Personality of the Year and is a recipient of the Talkers Lifetime Achievement Award.