Joe Greene Net Worth – How Much Does Joe Greene Make?

Throughout his career, Joe Greene has played a part in four Super Bowls, as well as earning two NFL Defensive Player of the Year awards. He has also been selected to the NFL’s first and second All-Pro teams. But, it’s his knack for winning that makes him one of the most coveted players in the league.

Joe Greene started his football career in 1969, when he was chosen fourth overall in the NFL Draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers. After his playing career ended in 1981, he spent the next eight years working as a television analyst for the team. However, he remained with the team for nearly a decade as a special assistant to player personnel.

During his tenure with the Steelers, Joe Greene helped the team win three Super Bowls. Although, he was not a huge hit during his initial years in the league, he did have an impressive track record. In fact, he led all Pittsburgh linemen in tackles in 1978. His performance made him one of the most feared players in the league.

Despite his success as a pass rusher, Greene’s effectiveness decreased throughout the 1980s, and by the time he retired from the Steelers in 2013, he had never reestablished the same success. Still, he is considered one of the best defensive players in the game’s history. During his storied playing career, Greene was named to the NFL’s First-team All-AFC 11 times, and was also a member of the AFC’s All-Decade Team.

Several people, including the Steelers’ head coach Chuck Noll, saw tremendous potential in Greene. However, Greene was often uncontrollable in his early years. Nevertheless, Greene was a part of one of the NFL’s most dominant teams in the 1970s and ’80s, and led the team to Super Bowl XIII.

After his football career, Greene was appointed special assistant to the player personnel for the Steelers. After four years in that role, he moved on to work as a color commentator for CBS. From there, he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Even though Greene was one of the most successful defensive linemen in the NFL, he was not particularly popular among fans. During his early career, he was often uncontrollable and had an ill-tempered style of play. As a result, he was frequently called out by officials. For instance, he repeatedly kicked Cleveland Browns lineman Bob McKay in the groin when McKay was on the ground.

Despite his reputation as a rough and tumble pass rusher, Greene was also a well-rounded player. He earned a total of 16 fumble recoveries in his career.

He was named to the NFL’s First-team Defensive Rookie of the Year. He also starred in a number of commercials, including one for the Coca-Cola, which won the Clio Award in 1980. And he even made his way into the movies. One of his roles was in the blaxploitation film The Black Six. Another movie starring him was Fighting Back: The Rocky Bleier Story.