Joe La Puma Net Worth

Joe La Puma is a American YouTuber and a member of Complex’s Sneaker Shopping. He is also a professional writer. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.5 million. Despite his fame, he prefers to keep his personal life private, so it is hard to determine whether he is single or not. However, it is known that Joe has an Instagram account. Currently, he has 385911 followers on the social networking platform. Moreover, he has a website.

Joe has earned a good chunk of his fortune through his work at Complex Media. While the details of his salary are not disclosed publicly, he has a substantial number of fans and followers on social media. In fact, the sneaker shopping saas video series that he hosts is the most profitable of his projects. On YouTube, the show averages around three million views per episode. Interestingly, this is only a fraction of what Joe makes from his other paid endeavors.

The most impressive of these feats is the fact that Joe has managed to gain over 130 crores of hits on his YouTube channel. This means that he earns an excellent amount of money from his fan base. Aside from the official page on the Internet, you can also find a lot of information about the superstar’s life on his social profiles. As of August 2014, Complex ranked #3 in the ComScore survey of unique visitors between 18 and 34.

In addition to his job at Complex, Joe La Puma has written several books including Refuel: A 24 Day Eating Plan, which is a diet book designed to boost low testosterone without medication. Another book is the New York Times bestselling cookbook, ChefMD’s Big Book of Culinary Medicine.

Other notable achievements include his role in the creation of a health program called CHEF Clinic. Designed to help individuals lose weight and maintain a healthier lifestyle, the program has been adopted by more than 22 medical schools nationwide. Moreover, he has authored numerous other books, such as The RealAge Diet.

Although he has never officially revealed any information about his family, he has a well-known love interest. He has been dating Jose Puma for over three years. Despite their romance, however, they have not gotten married. When asked about their relationship, Puma said, “I am not into the whole dating thing, but I have a lot of respect for my partner.”

For now, Joe La Puma is a single man. However, he has a few friends, namely Rebecca Zamolo and Chad Wild Clay. Also, he has a car. Nevertheless, he does not claim to have an extravagant lifestyle. Even so, he is a well-known celebrity and has a devoted fan base on social media. Thus, it is not surprising to see that he has a nice net worth.

One other notable achievement is the fact that he starred in a very successful television program. While his role in the Sneaker Shopping saas video is the most visible, he has appeared in various other programs. Currently, he is preparing for a new season of the show. It is interesting to note that he has appeared on the show with Macklemore and Eminem.