John Hovas Net Worth – How Rich is He?

If you’re into cars, you’ve probably heard of John Hovas. He is a celebrity and one of the wealthiest men in the world. The man is a car collector and entrepreneur who has made a name for himself and his company, Hemi Hideout. A car enthusiast himself, Hovas has a collection of over a hundred muscle cars, antique tractors, and more. His man cave is 21,700 square feet of fun and frivolity in Brookshire, Texas.

It was in 1970 that a young John Hovas discovered the allure of the muscle car. It wasn’t long before he was parting with his 1969 Dodge Super Bee. Although he had never owned a car before, he was a little smitten with the ’69 model. This is where the start of the Hemi Hideout story began.

Hemi Hideout is the brainchild of John Hovas, a former high school student who had a passion for the automobile. Hovas had the vision to build a place where he could park and talk to his friends about their rides. Eventually, he created a mini man cave to house his collection. As luck would have it, the building he designed took two years to complete.

Hemi Hideout is actually a lot more than a car collection. In addition to the cars, it is also home to some 600 vintage porcelain signs and an impressive amount of antique tractors. Not to mention a massive neon sign collection. Some of these signs are even for sale.

John Hovas started the Hemi Hideout with the idea of making a cool spot where people can come and hang out and talk about their rides. He has since transformed the business into a place where people can learn about their cars, enjoy live entertainment, and donate to local charities.

One of the best parts of the man cave is that no admission fee is required to visit. Located 40 miles west of Houston in Brookshire, Texas, Hemi Hideout is the largest of its kind in the state. With more than twenty-four of the most sought after Mopars on the planet, the man cave is sure to be a hit with all car enthusiasts. There are more than one hundred vintage bikes on display as well.

Hemi Hideout is not only the biggest in the state, but it is also the best kept secret in Houston. In fact, it has received many accolades for its innovative design. For example, it is the only venue in the state that can accommodate a 2,000 person crowd.

Although John Hovas has had some rough patches in his life, he has always remained true to his dream of owning a man cave. He’s even built a small one in Waller country. But, it’s his love of vintage muscle cars that has driven his efforts to recreate the glory days.

The Hemi Hideout is a one-of-a-kind car museum, and is the best of its kind in the state. But, it’s also a tribute to the ’50s and ’60s, and is a great place for the family to gather and share stories.