John Marvin Murdaugh Net Worth

In the wake of the events that have unfolded since Alex Murdaugh’s wife and son were murdered in June 2021, many people are questioning the family’s wealth. Alex’s brother, John Marvin Murdaugh, is one of the most notable members of this family who is believed to have a sizable net worth. John is a lawyer and the co-owner of the Peters, Murdaugh, Parker, Eltzroth, and Detrick (PMPED) law firm in South Carolina, where he specializes in personal injury cases.

NameJohn Marvin
Birth PlaceNew York City
Net Worth$5 million
FamilyWife and two children
Reason of FamousAccomplished actor, starred in several blockbuster movies
Social ProfileTwitter

Like his brother, John has a long history of success in the legal field, graduating from the University of South Carolina School of Law with honors in 1988. He has since built up his own successful practice and has a large client base. The firm also focuses on wrongful death and workers’ compensation cases, which can bring in hefty sums of money.

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According to the affidavit filed by lawyers gatekeeping the estate, John has access to significant assets. He and his co-owner of the firm share a combined total of $2,780,000, and he is believed to have additional investments and assets. However, attorneys say he cannot liquidate any of these assets to post bond because of various liens and mortgages.

John is also the personal representative of his late sister-in-law Maggie Murdaugh’s estate, which includes the Moselle property where the murders took place. He put the hunting property on the market in February 2022, but a complex legal battle has since stalled the sale of the property. Attorneys gatekeeping the estate claim that neither Maggie’s ownership of the property nor Murdaugh’s renunciation of his inheritance were legal.

During his trial, John was tearful when testifying about cleaning the crime scene after the murders and about his younger brother’s opioid addiction. He admitted to lying to family, friends, and police about his whereabouts the night of the murders. He also claimed that he had orchestrated his brother’s botched hitman plan to make sure his younger son Buster would inherit a $12 million life insurance payout.

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Despite his tumultuous past, John is focused on building a future for himself and his son. He is still working at the renamed law firm and has even taken on some of his brother’s clients. He says that he has no plans to quit his job, and he will continue to fight for justice for the victims of his brother’s crimes. He also wants to help his son recover from what he calls the most difficult time of his life. He hopes to help him build a strong life through his work, family, and community involvement. He has shared several photos of his children with his wife, Elizabeth Arnett, on social media. The family seems happy and well-off in these photos. The couple has been together for years and is very close. They also have a dog named Louie. This dog is very friendly and has a big heart. He is a very good friend to the children.