Jomboy Net Worth – How Much Is Jimmy O’Brien Worth?

Despite being relatively new to the sports media scene, Jomboy has smashed into the ranks as one of the biggest names in online sports. Using his social media skills, Jomboy has created viral videos that have helped him gain a huge following. Some of the biggest celebrities to buy into his videos include CC Sabathia, Gabrielle Union, and Alexis Ohanian.

Jomboy’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere between $1 million and $5 million. The exact amount will depend on many factors, including how much the channel earns from advertising, product sales, and other revenues. However, the company recently raised $5 million in funding, and plans to hire a CEO and a sales and marketing team to help boost growth.

Since its inception, Jomboy Media has been growing into a media empire. This includes a popular YouTube channel with over 1.5 million subscribers. In addition, the company has hired several former MLB players, celebrities, and media personalities to help produce content for its channel. It has also gained a huge following from sports fans, who have contributed to its success by buying merchandise.

The company’s main show, Talkin’ Baseball, is ranked among the top baseball podcasts. Several other shows on the site are hosted by former MLB players, such as Dwyane Wade and Jake Storiale.

The company has also recently secured a partnership with the New York Yankees’ YES Network. This new deal will feature a variety of fan-favorite shows from JM. As a result, the company is hoping to add marquee talent to its roster.

Jimmy O’Brien is the founder of Jomboy Media. His baseball breakdown videos have gone viral for years. In fact, these videos have helped him gain a massive following on YouTube. He currently has over 490,000 subscribers, and has a number of different sources of information on his personal social media channels.

Jomboy’s success has been fueled by his own work, and a number of high profile investors. For example, he has teamed up with Trevor Plouffe, who is an American actor and commentator. Other investments have come from Gabrielle Union, Noah Syndergaard, Billy Crystal, and C.C. Sabathia.

The company’s growth has been remarkable. Currently, the site has 2164 uploaded videos. While some of these videos may have been sponsored, most of them are original content. Aside from its own original content, Jomboy has also invested in a wiffle ball competition.

The Jomboy moniker started as a joke, and eventually led to a full-blown brand. He began by selling T-shirts, and later used his talents to produce videos, selling them on his own website and earning money from his social media presence.

Today, Jomboy Media has become a media giant, with an estimated audience of over 15 million people. The company has also gained millions of dollars in investment from a range of people, including celebrities like Gabrielle Union, Dwyane Wade, and Alexis Ohanian. Recently, the Jomboy Media network has secured a partnership with the New York Yankees’ own YES Network, and the duo will have their own segment on the YES app.