Jonathan Lee Riches Net Worth

Jonathan Lee Riches is one of the most popular YouTubers, with his official channel featuring lifestyle vlogs and videos. His net worth is estimated to be between $5 million and $1 million. He has a Facebook page, Twitter account and Instagram page. In recent months, his number of followers has increased. There is also an official website.

Aside from being a YouTuber, Riches has been known for filing bizarre lawsuits. The lawsuits were filed against friends, neighbors and companies. Several of his claims have been dismissed as frivolous or malicious. Some of the lawsuits have even been against his own family members. Among them are a lawsuit against his mother and a lawsuit against his wife.

Before his incarceration, Riches was a social networker. He worked for teenage chat room acquaintances in Texas. These acquaintances helped him develop the technique of phishing. As a result, he started to file numerous lawsuits against famous individuals and companies.

When Riches was convicted for fraud, he served a 125-month prison sentence. In April, he was released. After a brief stint in the Federal Medical Center in Lexington, KY, he was returned home. However, his legal correspondence was still ongoing.

Riches’ criminal history includes a number of lawsuits. He was arrested on a federal probation violation in December 2012. The probation officer reviewed a number of Riches’ YouTube videos and found that he had violated his probation.

Riches was also charged with conspiracy. He named several hundred defendants, including President Bush and Pope Benedict XVI. Additionally, he was alleged to have misrepresented his personal life in a book. Using a copyright symbol, he argued that his personal life was written in the book without his permission.

Jonathan Riches has filed a number of strange and bizarre lawsuits. He has sued his friends, his family and his neighbors. He has been a part of the famous phony “Jared Lee Loughner” lawsuit. Also, he has been involved in civil complaints against famous people such as Allen Iverson and Timothy McVeigh. Other lawsuits include a suit against President Bush and a lawsuit against the Guinness Book of World Records.

After his release from prison, Riches tried to capitalize on his fame. He promised to run legal workshops and sell T-shirts. But it was unclear whether or not these activities were legally authorized. Besides, he was convicted of fraud, which means he could have been in jail for years. Nonetheless, Riches’ legal case was dismissed.

Riches has had more than 2600 lawsuits filed against him. Most of them have been dismissed as frivolous or malicious. Nonetheless, he has won close to eight million dollars in damages. This makes him one of the most prolific jailhouse lawyers. Since his release, he has filed more than 3,000 lawsuits. Moreover, Riches has received a lot of publicity and gained local coverage for his targets’ cities.

Riches’ Twitter and Instagram accounts are a source of news and information for his fans. However, he has not yet updated his marital status.