Jonathan Shuttlesworth Net Worth

Jonathan Shuttlesworth is an evangelist with a net worth of $500 million. He is known for his zealous preaching style and his desire to see revival in the world. He has preached in various countries and has also organized crusades and conferences. Shuttlesworth is passionate about spreading the gospel and believes that God is able to heal the sick. His ministry, Revival Today, focuses on healing and revival. The organization has several philanthropic ventures, including the Feed the Hungry program, which helps fight hunger in impoverished communities worldwide.

Shuttlesworth has a unique ability to communicate the Bible’s message in a way that appeals to diverse audiences. He is a popular speaker and has made many appearances on TV shows and radio programs. He has also written several books, and his sermons are a great source of inspiration for Christians. Shuttlesworth is also a talented musician and has performed in numerous concerts and festivals.

He and his wife, Adalis, are the founders of Revival Today, an international ministry that focuses on soul-winning and spiritual awakening. The ministry provides biblical teachings on faith, healing, and prosperity, as well as how to live a victorious life. They have also conducted open-air crusades and outreaches in order to win the lost.

He has a huge following on social media. The pair have a number of modern media outlets, including a YouTube channel, an app, and Facebook and Twitter pages. They also have a radio station, and they regularly host public events. The ministry also offers its services to churches and other groups. Shuttlesworth’s evangelistic activities are often controversial, and his past rhetoric has been condemned as hate speech. For instance, he has referred to homosexuality as “wicked.” Members of Asbury Park’s LGBTQ community, led by the group We Are Asbury Park, have planned a protest to oppose his participation in the Festival of Life.

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The evangelist also holds beliefs on the timing of the Rapture, the end of the world, and the Second Coming of Christ. He has also spoken out against false prophets and heretics, arguing that they will cause the Church to fall into apostasy. He has also warned that the United States is headed for a terrible time of trouble. He has spoken out against the use of drugs and alcohol by youth, urging parents to protect their children from these dangers. He has also warned that the end of the world is near and urged his followers to prepare for the rapture. He has even published a book on the subject of eschatology.