Joseph Cetrulo Net Worth

A savvy restaurateur, Joseph Cetrulo is an example of what can be achieved by a little bit of moxie. His company, Cetrulo Restoration, aims to restore the Grace Allen House in Morristown, NJ to its former glory this summer. Previously, the house was used as the headquarters of a mapmaking company that served the area from 1951 until 1982. Earlier this year, the property was featured in a local television show. Despite the fact that it’s been around for nearly 100 years, the house needed some much-needed upgrades.

Joseph and his wife, Catherine, have spent more than they’ve saved on restoration projects. Their list of accomplishments includes several restaurants, including the Sirena in Long Branch. The family also owns a few businesses, such as Stella Marina in Asbury Park.

Amongst all the work undertaken, there were some curious feats of nature, including the one involving a rogue squirt. One of the more interesting aspects of the renovation was the fact that every brick in the moat was recycled and reused in the house, allowing the family to replace damaged bricks. During the construction, the couple discovered a trough-like waterway leading to the aforementioned rogue squirt.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the renovation is the sheer novelty of living in a castle. With over 7,000 square feet of space, the main floor of the home is a veritable maze of corridors and secret passageways. While some rooms have been renovated, the original layout has been largely preserved. In addition to the standard fare of bathrooms and kitchens, the castle boasts a slew of bedrooms, including a master suite en suite.

Among the many luxuries of the mansion is the wine cellar, whose temperature-controlled wares are sure to impress any guests. Other notable amenities include a custom-built, albeit non-negligible, 54-inch commercial-grade grill and outdoor kitchen that operates as both a wood-burning and gas grill. Even though the main house has only a dozen bedrooms, the family opted to convert two of the rooms to a bedroom and bathroom combination that includes a walk-in closet.

A quick scan of the internet reveals that a plethora of other aficionados share Joseph and Catherine’s enthusiasm. Some of their favorite pastimes include attending weddings at Glynallyn, watching the sunset from their back patio and taking a stroll on the nearby pathways and pathways.