Joycelyn Savage Net Worth

Joycelyn Savage is an American singer. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia on July 22, 1995. Her parents are Jonjelyn and Timothy Savage. She is also known for appearing in the documentary series Surviving R. Kelly. The show is based on claims made by the families of alleged victims. Among the women who were questioned by police were Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage.

After she was seventeen, Joycelyn Savage began to live with R. Kelly, an American musician. According to her parents, Kelly was mentoring and tutoring her while she was attending college. They believed that she was focusing on her studies. However, the family later learned that she was not living in a dormitory.

Joycelyn’s parents claimed that she was brainwashed by Kelly and had been kept against her will. It is not known if she has Stockholm Syndrome. When the family contacted the police, Joycelyn asked them to stop looking for her.

Joycelyn Savage remained with Kelly for three or four years. At one point, she was pregnant with Kelly’s child. In an interview, Joycelyn denied assassinating R. Kelly. Instead, she said that he choked her. But in another video, she claimed that the posts on Patreon were fake.

Joycelyn Savage’s parents have made many claims against R. Kelly. One of their biggest complaints is that she was brainwashed. The family even appeared on the Lifetime docu-series Surviving R. Kelly. Another alleged victim is an actress who claims that she was brainwashed by Kelly as well.

Joycelyn Savage’s net worth is estimated to be around US$1 million. Despite her success in the music industry, she has yet to reveal her salary or academic degree. She has reportedly signed a contract with Sony to release her debut album in 2022. This may seem too far into the future to some people.

Although she has not released any financial information, Joycelyn Savage’s parents have claimed that she has been brainwashed by Kelly. As a result, the singer has been accused of sex trafficking. The family also alleges that Kelly has abused Joycelyn.

Joycelyn Savage is a Christian and adheres to Christianity as her religion. She has a younger sister named Jailyn. Aside from her singing career, she has been a model. She has also been featured in several television and film series.

Joycelyn Savage is an Afro-American. Her birth sign is Cancer. Currently, she is 23. Her parents have an estimated net worth of around US$500,000. Most of her wealth came from her music career and from her appearances in the television series Surviving R. Kelly.

As of June 30, 2018, Joycelyn Savage has 99K followers on Instagram and 50K followers on Twitter. However, she does not appear to be active on social media. Therefore, it is unclear whether she has an official Facebook account. Also, she hasn’t been confirmed by TheCityCeleb to have any wealth.

Joycelyn Savage’s career has been a major source of controversy. Although she has a high reputation, she is still a victim of sexual abuse and exploitation.