Julia Raleigh Net Worth – How Much Is Julia Raleigh Worth?

Julia Raleigh is an American model and social media star who has gained popularity on TikTok. She is known for her lip sync videos and pranks.

Julia Raleigh is born and raised in Edgewood, Kentucky, USA. Her parents are not known. She has two siblings, a brother and a sister. One of her siblings is a younger brother named Brian. The other is Kaitlyn. In spite of her youth, Julia is a very serious person. This is reflected in her Instagram photos where she posts love and happiness to her boyfriend A1saud.

Julia Raleigh is an actress and YouTuber who started her career at the age of 14. She gained immense popularity on TikTok and Vine. Today, she has a massive fan following on both platforms. As of 2019, she has over three million subscribers on her TikTok account and more than three hundred thousand followers on her Instagram account.

Before she became famous on TikTok and Vine, she studied Cosmetology. She also attended a local university in Geneva, New York, United States. When she was in high school, she was homeschooled. Later on, she attended a private school in Edgewood, Kentucky. During this time, she had a rough experience. However, she retaliated and returned to homeschooling her senior year.

Since she started a career on TikTok, Julia has been featured in a number of popular videos. Among her most popular videos are “23 Miley Cyrus Choreography,” “Dance Challenge,” and “Reaction Videos.” These videos have earned her over five million views.

Julia has been dating A1saud since April 2016, when they met at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. They soon started sharing a home. Their relationship has been a source of inspiration to many other couples.

Julia’s net worth is estimated at around one million dollars to $5 million as of 2021. Her main source of income is from her YouTube and Instagram accounts. Also, she is a brand endorser. It is unknown if she earns any money through her other activities.

Julia Raleigh has a lot of fans on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter. She has more than three hundred thousand followers on Instagram and over fifty-five thousand followers on Twitter. On her YouTube channel, she has more than a hundred thousand subscribers.

Julia Raleigh has been known for her sexy figure. She has a body type that is shaped like an hourglass. To enhance her figure, she does exercise on a regular basis. Additionally, she has a small dog called Piglet.

Julia Raleigh has a large fan base on Instagram, with over four hundred thousand followers. Her vlogs and reaction videos have earned her a huge fan base on both social media platforms. Moreover, she has a very loyal fan base on her YouTube channel, which is known as Jules and Saud.

Julia has a lot of social media platforms, and she shares various modeling and lifestyle content on these platforms. She also promotes various apparel brands on her Instagram account.